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  1. Pixel 4A rendering exposure: may become a strong competitor of new iPhone se

  2. Google play store provides automatic installation for pre registered games and apps

  3. Android’s strongest single shot pixel 4A sample exposure: 12 million pixels easily beat 48 million

  4. Kotlin vocabulary | enumeration and R8 compiler

Open source library

  1. JetpackMvvm

    A rapid development framework of jetpack combined with MVVM, based on MVVM mode, integrates jetpack component library officially recommended by Google: livedata, ViewModel and lifecycle components, uses kotlin language, adds a large number of expansion functions, simplifies code, adds retrofit network request and cooperation, helps you simplify various operations and allows you to develop projects quickly

  2. CainCamera

    An Android project to learn about development of beauty camera, image and short video. This project is mainly used to learn how to realize the camera’s real-time beauty, dynamic filters, dynamic stickers, makeup, taking photos, short video segment recording and deletion, image editing, short frequency editing and synthesis and other functions.

  3. AlipayPassDialog

    Android imitation Alipay Keypad Keyboard box, you can customize the style Dialog, adjust font size, color and content.

  4. meter-number-picker

    The android library that provides a simple and customizable NumberPicker styled as meter.

  5. LibKTX

    LibKTX: Kotlin extensions for LibGDX games and applications

  6. SheetSelection

    An Android library for display list and be able to select the item as BottomSheet.

  7. ColorPicker

    🎨 Color Picker Library for Android

  8. ImagePicker

    📸Image Picker for Android, Pick an image from Gallery or Capture a new image with Camera

  9. android-form-validation

    UI form validation library for Android ✔

  10. ExpandableBottomBar

    A new way to implement navigation in your app

  11. Chartio

    A lightweight linear chart library for Android

  12. SamuraiView

    Simple showcase library.

  13. Material-backdrop

    A simple solution for implementing Backdrop pattern for Android

  14. Sandwich

    A lightweight Android network response API for handling data and error response with transformation extensions.

plug-in unit

  1. NavProguardGenerator

    Auto generate proguard rule file for Jetpack Navigation Component and apply the file to configuration.


  1. android-material-design-in-practice

    A project to demonstrate the latest material design principles with simple examples.

  2. BPShortVideoSample

    Face filter based on gpuimage, short video recording, face sticker examples.

  3. CoffeeDrinksWithJetpackCompose

    Coffee Drinks Android app on Jetpack Compose


  1. AudioAnchor

    Android audio player that tracks the listening progress of your audio books and podcasts

  2. proton-mail-android

    ProtonMail Android app

  3. opentrace-android

    OpenTrace is the open source reference implementation of BlueTrace. BlueTrace is a privacy-preserving protocol for community-driven contact tracing across borders. It allows participating devices to log Bluetooth encounters with each other, in order to facilitate epidemiological contact tracing while protecting users’ personal data and privacy. Visit to learn more.


  1. jaba

    A simple CLI program to convert your android project’s structure.

  2. ClassViewer

    a lightweight Java class file viewer only depends on JDK and JavaFX, it only has a single jar file less than 250k in size, and it can work on JRE 8.

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