Android Development Master course, the former wechat senior engineer gives your app a pulse


The whole mobile Internet industry is in the stage of incremental decline and stock fighting. Facing the current situation of technological change, unclear prospect and fierce competition, industries and enterprises have higher and higher requirements for middle and senior mobile development engineers.


Tailored for advanced Android developersThe column focuses on creating high-quality applications, realizing efficient development and architecture evolution, including graphic and audio teaching, as well as carefully designed exercises by the author,

Help you quickly master the ideas and methods to solve complex problems, and effectively improve your development ability in combination with after-school practice.



Zhang Shaowen, a former wechat senior engineer, is responsible for the construction of wechat APM quality platform and Devops.

After learning: solutions to common problems such as collapse, Caton and power consumption; Optimization ideas of memory, I / O, network and storage; Cross platform development and interpretation of new technology cases.


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