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When we started planning Android 11, we didn’t expect that these changes would happen to all of us, almost everywhere in the world. These challenges require us to remain flexible and look for new ways to work together, especially with our developer community.

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To help us meet these challenges, we announced an update to our release schedule. We’ll bring you a fourth developer preview today and move beta 1 to June 3. In order to tell you everything about this version and provide you with the technical resources you need, we are holding a#Android11: the Beta Launch ShowOnline developer activities.

Join us for #Android11: The Beta Launch Show

11: The Beta Launch Show

Although circumstances do not allow us to go to the coastline amphitheater in person to attend the Google I / O annual developer conference, we are organizing an online event where we can share with you the best new things in Android. We hope you can join us#Android11: The Beta Launch ShowThis is an opportunity to learn about the latest development of Android from Android developers. It’s me and Dave Burke, and we’re going to11 a.m. EST, June 3Here we go. We will post live Q & A at the end of the program and post your “askandroid” questions on Twitter to get live answers!

Later in the day, we’ll share a series of talks, from jetpack compose to Android studio and Google play, which we originally planned to develop for Google I / O, to help you take advantage of the latest Android development. You can do it to receive updates for this event.

Android 11 update schedule

Our industry is growing very fast, and we know that many of our device manufacturer partners are counting on us to help them introduce Android 11 into new consumer devices later this year. We also know that many of you have been committed to prioritizing early application and game testing on Android 11, in part based on our platform stability and other milestones. At the same time, all of us are collaborating remotely, prioritizing the well-being of our family, friends and colleagues.

Therefore, in order to help us meet the needs of the ecosystem, and considering the impact on our developers and partners, we decided to add some extra time to the Android 11 release schedule. We’re going to launch beta 1 and all the subsequent milestones a month ago, which gives everyone more space but keeps us on track with the final version of the third quarter.

Here are some key changes in the new timetable:

  • We released it todayFourth developer PreviewFor testing and feedback
  • Beta 1It will be released on June 3. We will include the final SDK and NDK API in this release, and open the Google play release for Android 11 applications
  • Beta 2The release was delayed until July. We will achieve platform stability with this version
  • Beta 3It will be postponed to August and will include release candidates for final testing

By providing the final API on the original timeline and changing other dates, we give you an extra month to compile and test the final API, while ensuring that you have the same time between platform stability and the final version, which is scheduled to be released later in the third quarter. Here’s the timeline.

Android 11 timeline

You can read more about what the new timeline means to application developersPreview Program Overview

App compatibility

The schedule change adds some extra time for you to test the compatibility of your application and identify any work you need to do. We propose to release a compatible Android 11 beta APP update on June 3 to get more feedback from Android beta users who will get the update.

In beta 1, the SDK and NDK API will be final. When we reach platform stability in July, the system behavior and non SDK gray list will also be finalized. At that time, we plan to do the last compatibility test, and release fully compatible applications, SDKs, or libraries as soon as possible, so as to prepare for the final Android 11 version. You can use theDeveloper scheduleFor more information.

You can do it todayPixel 2,3,3 a or 4 deviceStart Google compatibility test on Android, or you can use Android emulator. You only need to swipe in the latest version of the system image, install the current production application, and test the user’s process. Be sure to check the location of areas where your application may be affectedBehavioral change. There is no need to change the targetsdkversion of your application at this time, although we recommend an evaluation because many changes will occur once your application is positioned at a new API level.

Start with Android 11

Today, we will launch a developer preview 4, which includesThe latest bug fixes, API tuning, and features to try in your application. It can be passed throughManual download and swipe inPixel 2, 3, 3A or 4 devices. If you are already running the developer preview version, you can upgrade with the OTA update released today.

For complete information about Android 11, please visitAndroid 11 developer website, please continueLet us know what you think

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