Analysis: today’s Taobao S1 level fault


Analysis: today's Taobao S1 level fault

Write at the beginning:

This picture has appeared in many headlines today. Xiaobian himself is also a must. The IOS version will still appear 100% now,At present, the prompt has been modified at 7.52 on March 25 (new version of XXXXX found)

Analysis: today's Taobao S1 level fault

Taobao on IOS must be mostly written through Object-C, and then distributed and installed to users’ mobile phones in the form of app store. This is the client. Update every iteration, need to publish

As we can see, Taobao released a new version 11 hours ago, which is around 8 o’clock this morning,It can be determined that the bug is caused by this update

Analysis: today's Taobao S1 level fault

There’s a lot of conspiracy theories on the Internet,I don’t think it’s the insidersBecause this kind of accident will really cause the user to unload the app, resulting in unpredictable losses, which is a devastating blow to all colleagues around.

Xiaobian once developed a desktop software. As a result, during the iteration of version update, the tester released a test environment package. Unfortunately, the user automatically upgraded to the test environment package. Because we are an instant messaging application, the user will never be able to land or upgrade back.

What I said today may not be right

Analysis of the accident:

  • Caused by updated version
  • The prompt should be written with native components (but the prompt can be returned dynamically according to the back-end interface)
  • This problem can only be solved after the user installs the new version
    • *

How can we avoid this?

Before I wrote wechat gray release, recycling (do not need to update the version) can do

How can wechat recycle the expression comment function of circle of friends without updating

The principle is roughly the same as that of the article I wrote above, that is, the native pop-up window, especially the high-frequency module, can determine whether the pop-up window appears or not based on the return of the interface (as well as the prompt), and the gray release of wechat and the recycling of the expression comments of the circle of friends are very good.

Of course, we do not rule out the bug caused by careless operation.For a product with 100 million users, I think architects should consider whether it can be released and recycled every time they update and iterate. It’s not just distributed to the app store for control


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Analysis: today's Taobao S1 level fault

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