Analysis service to create digital intelligence operation closed-loop scheme


Speaker: Huawei consumer cloud service analysis service product director

Let’s talk about it as a whole“Huawei analysis service”This product, Huawei analysis, is a multi platform and cross device intelligent data analysis platform. From the end side, Huawei analysis is not only limited to the analysis capability of apps on Huawei mobile phones, but also supports IOS, web, fast application, harmonyos and other platforms. At the same time, it also supports multiple devices, including tablet, large screen, etc.

Mobile applications only need accessHuawei analysis SDKComplete the reporting of embedded point events in the application. Based on our user attributes, behavior events, etc., we can view rich data reports on AGC to help us evaluate the overall situation of application operation. After the systematic analysis of the rich analysis models of the operation platform, the interconnection is realized in combination with AGC’s multiple growth operation products, including SMS, push, in station letter, etc., which can quickly carry out operation for the created target population.

Intelligent operation closed loop scheme

Next, let me introduce our end-to-end intelligent operation closed-loop scheme.

How to form a closed-loop scheme? Developers can spend about half an hour to open the service, collect and report data on the end side, andHuawei analysis serviceComplete basic crowd analysis and insight on the platform of, clarify objectives according to the demands of operation activities, and formulate strategies based on objectives. The strategy of operation is to find the “right” people and pass the “right” information. Finding the right people is to push the corresponding messages to the delineated people according to their geographical location, consumption habits and interest preferences. Passing the right information is to design targeted operation activities, such as novice guidance, return gifts, activity concessions, etc.

Based on the strategy, you can achieve accurate touch through push, SMS, Iam and other service means on the platform. At the same time, the platform also supports the resumption of operation activities, and the analysis service supports the whole process monitoring of the process data and result data of the whole operation activities, which can help developers and operators comprehensively resume the resumption and more efficiently optimize and iterate the activity strategy.

Rich analytical models

The rich preset events and the newly built intelligent data access platform enhance the analysis and reporting capabilities of different industries. In addition to the basic funnel analysis, retention analysis and user life cycle analysis models, we also provide some relatively unique capabilities, including uninstall analysis, installation attribution analysis, industry analysis, etc.

Because Huawei is different from other competitive products, it is an equipment manufacturer. The analysis of uninstall and installation can be more detailed, while the industry analysis can help developers see the position of APP users in the industry, and whether there is more or less innovation compared with the industry.

Integrated intelligent operation platform

For developers, to complete the analysis of fast access, buried points and audience users, the next most concern is how to operate users in the application. For end consumers, different users pay attention to different functions and contents.

Huawei provides an integrated intelligent operation platform, which can support the configuration of different operation activities on the platform from the determination of activity scenarios, circle the audience groups in different dimensions according to the operation activities, and then match the touch channels. At present, the intelligent operation platform can connect multiple channels and support the configuration of multiple waves of touch. Moreover, on our platform, It can also evaluate the effect of each activity, the effect of each activity, the conversion rate, how many people saw it, how many people did not touch it, etc. These overall activity effect evaluation has guiding significance for the adjustment of next operation activities.

Forecast service

Huawei prediction service does not need to download SDK separately. It is supported inHuawei analysis service SDK serviceOn this basis, it can be used after opening. Its core is to open the ability of multiple prediction scenarios / user-defined prediction to developers based on Huawei’s accumulation in the AI field for more than 20 years, so as to help developers achieve accurate prediction of specific target groups.

In fact, for many small and medium-sized apps, it is difficult to build their own AI capabilities and products from 0-1. Our prediction is a prediction model based on the behavior characteristics and different algorithms in the application to help developers predict the users to be lost and the users to be paid in the application. Operators can do precision marketing for these users, including loss recall, paid promotion, etc.

Operational cases

With so many capabilities introduced earlier, let’s look at several typical operation practices that use the core capabilities of our platform.

*Channel delivery

For developers, channel delivery is more important. Huawei’s channel analysis can help developers present the user scale of different channels, monitor which channels have high conversion rate in real time, and then screen high-quality delivery channels in time and make rational use of resources in combination with analysis models such as installation attribution.

In Huawei’s application market, developers can also analyze which users are buying users and which are natural traffic, including the analysis of differential data of the value of the two groups. These are the core indicators that developers pay more attention to, and also have important guiding significance for subsequent launch.

*Revision problem

How to determine “which functions are revised, how to evaluate the effect after revision, and how to redo tuning” based on data analysis is usually a headache for developers.

On the Huawei analysis platform, we can first determine the revision direction according to the user’s behavior, verify the effect of different revision schemes in combination with a / B test, find the scheme with the best conversion rate and go online. Finally, on our platform, we can also compare the new, active, retained and conversion rates before and after the revision to evaluate the overall effect; Continuously optimize the analysis of APP revision effect through the drainage scale, retention rate and other data of the new version function.

*Uninstall analysis

Let’s introduce Huawei’s unique capability – uninstall analysis. Unloading rate is the most concerned indicator for developers, and for developers, unloading users is a difficult object to see.

Huawei’s analysis of data collection based on the hardware level can provide developers with user characteristics of the uninstalled population and user behavior analysis before uninstallation, so as to provide a basis for locating the reasons for uninstallation. On our platform, we can directly monitor the number of new users and uninstalled users every day, and intuitively monitor whether the growth of users of our app is healthy.

In addition to the above typical application scenarios, Huawei also has a great advantage that it is connected with the background ecology of Huawei developers. The data base based on Huawei analysis can be connected with a variety of services on AGC. Including push, crash, etc. interested developers can log in to the Huawei developer background to experience our product capabilities.

Finally, briefly summarize the characteristics of Huawei’s analysis products:Simple, intelligent, flexible and open

Simple – we provide a full set of fast access schemes for both access and buried points. Developers can complete the opening and initial configuration in half an hour on our platform;

Intelligence – the whole industry’s intelligent embedding ability, portrait ability, second level real-time response ability of analysis, as well as the intelligent operation services provided by us;

Flexible – in addition to automatically collecting events, 500 kinds of user-defined events, as well as preset embedded events of the whole industry, providing rich analysis and report capabilities for different industries.

Openness – no matter the seamless integration with various services on AGC or the combination with Huawei’s liquidity such as advertising and commercial promotion, it can quickly help applications achieve growth and profitability.

The above is what I share. If you are interested, you can log inHuawei official websiteFor details, thank you.

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