Analysis of the method of distinguishing true from false static


1. The use of pseudostatic

Some users think that there is a big difference between the actual amount of pseudo static and real static. In fact, it is not. From your personal point of view, do you want to judge whether a post is real static or pseudo static?

It is estimated that it is very difficult to see, because the so-called static means that the address without question mark is static, whether it is true or false? Can the search engine see it?

So, in fact, whether it’s true or false, it’s the same for search engines. Search engines don’t say that you’re fake. I don’t include you

Why does the search engine not include the website with question mark? Because the search engine is afraid of entering the dead cycle due to the question mark (there was such a loophole in the moving web before that, spiders can’t go in and out), so the address with question mark will not go in very often. For the search engine, pseudo static is actually static, because there is no question mark in the address, so there is no real static A statement that states contain much more than pseudo – static states


2. Why pseudostatic

A lot of users said:

Isn’t it really static?

Why not use real static?

Isn’t it faster to visit?

Isn’t the load better?

Wait, wait, wait

In fact, there is only one question to answer: why MySQL

Many users probably don’t understand why so many large forums choose MySQL database as the storage mechanism. Most of them think: “because DZ uses mysql, it’s mysql.”

In fact, it’s not true that DZ survives in such a day when so many forum programs coexist and is proud of the Jianghu. The most important reason is that DZ uses mysql. Imagine that if the program changed by big C was a text Forum, would there still be DZ today?

Or from another perspective, why do so many large websites choose MySQL instead of text as the storage mechanism?

The so-called text Forum, in fact, is almost static. It stores data in space, reads and writes a lot of hard disks, and so on

Why is this writing method eliminated?

I believe the answer will not be what the teacher said:

“ currently has 2129867 posts. If they are stored as HTML, they will be about 20799 m, or about 20g. The space waste caused by disk storage mechanism is not calculated (the space occupied by 100 1K files may be 200K). “

From my personal point of view, this reason can’t give users enough reason not to use the real static

However, another reason is worth our attention. It is also why the vast majority of stations do not choose to generate static:

Deleting and updating these HTML contents will lead to a lot of disk IO operations and a lot of disk fragments

As said above, in practice, it will indeed lead to a large number of disk I / O operations (input, output). The consequences of a large number of I / O operations can be imagined, which will generate a large number of disk fragments and even lead to bad path of the hard disk.

So for static generation, it is better to use text Forum to better solve your needs

(vice W was born as a text Forum. At that time, his name was ofStar Later, he became MySQL due to development difficulties. However, PW generated a static page, which was a slightly improved text mode used to attract users’ attention.)

Of course, if you have a good memory, you should remember that PW forum can’t access the data for a very long time when pw4 is used, and then it recovers to the data some time ago. The official saying is that the hard disk is damaged due to the attack. In fact, it’s untrustworthy. Compared with the consequences caused by the attack or a large number of I / O operations, I personally prefer the latter

Of course, if you pay more attention to 5d6d, you should know that 5d6d can’t be accessed one day in the last few days. According to unofficial news, the hard disk is broken, and the cause of the damage is, of course, a large number of users have done a lot of I / O operations. Imagine, in a forum, we only do disk I / O operations when the administrator updates the cache, and every member of 5d6d is a manager What’s the test for the disk? So I’m not surprised that the 5d6d hard disk is broken

Of course, many of the friends who read this article have used BT, and have heard that BT is very harmful to the hard disk and can’t drive too much. The so-called damage is the same thing as here. A large number of I / O leads to disk fragmentation or even disk corruption

Here are some very practical examples to illustrate the problem


3. The disadvantages of pseudo static

Of course, as the author of an article said

“If the traffic is a little bit larger, the CPU will be overloaded when using pseudo static. More than 300 people will hang up when I’m online at the same time. When I’m not using pseudo static, more than 500 people will not hang up when I’m online at the same time. My ISS number is 1000.”

It is true that, because the pseudostatic is judged by the regular rather than the real address, and the responsibility to distinguish which page is displayed is also judged by the CPU instead of the direct designation, so the increase of CPU occupation is indeed the biggest drawback of pseudostatic


4. What should we do

Let’s summarize

1. There is no difference between using true static and false static for SEO

2. Using true static may damage the hard disk and affect the forum performance

3. Using pseudo-static will occupy a certain amount of CPU share, and a large amount of use will lead to CPU overload

4. The most important point is that we need static for SEO


1. It can be ruled out directly by using the true static method, because no matter how it is generated, it is very harmful to the hard disk

2. Since the effect of true and false static is the same, we can choose pseudo static

3. However, a large amount of pseudo static usage will result in CPU overload

4. So we just don’t need to use a lot

5. Since static is only for SEO, we only need pseudo static to SEO, not for users

6. So we only need to use pseudo static in archiver which is specially provided for SEO crawling


5. Judge whether a website is true static or false static

IE browser

Open the website you want to judge, and then type in the URL boxjavascript:alert(document.lastModified)。 This method can judge the last update time of a web page. If this time is the same as the present time, it means that it is pseudo static, otherwise it is true static.

Firefox Firefox

First, open a web page with Firefox. After the web page is fully opened, enter the Firefox console, “tools” – “error console” – “shortcut key: Shift + Ctrl + J, and then enter:alert(document.lastModified), view and record the last modification time.
Next, close the console, refresh the web page, input the query code in the console in the same way, and then check the last modification time of the file. If the time is different for several consecutive times, it can be judged that it is pseudostatic