Analysis of general functions and technical points of motor driven MCU


Technical points of motor driven MCU

It is a motor controller, i.e. power take-off. The popular point is that you need to accelerate it to make the motor rotate faster, and you need to brake it to make the motor rotate slower.



Therefore, he has the following characteristics:


(1) Fast response. This is easy to understand, but it’s not easy to do because the working conditions are complex. You can feel it with a simple example. The same acceleration occurs on flat ground, uphill and downhill. Flat and uphill are OK because it is to overcome resistance. But it’s embarrassing when it happens downhill, because there is a gravity component. Not only the controller exerts force on the motor, but also the mother earth is pulling it. Sometimes the slope is large. If it is not well controlled, there will be a strong sense of frustration, which is more frightening when driving. Therefore, the algorithm of motor controller is relatively difficult, which should be stable and low-key.


(2) Stable and reliable. It’s easy to understand, but it’s also a headache to do, because there are high-power, current and voltage, and it’s easy to have a peak, as well as the impact of heating on devices, which need to be seriously considered. To ensureMCUStable operation.


(3) Emergency. This is divided into several types. One is that when the vehicle encounters an emergency, the motor makes a timely response. Here, because it is power, the response must be timely; The second is internal failure. For example, if a high-power device has a problem, the MCU itself does not work normally, and it should respond in time.


(4) Architecture and cost. In order to reduce the cost, the motor controller needs to be simplified, which should be considered from the perspective of the whole vehicle. Sometimes the motor and MCU are integrated, which can effectively save space and reduce the cost. At the same time, we should sit down and discuss the overall architecture during hardware design and software design, so as to get the most appropriate design at first.

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