Analysis of actual combat cases of architecture, the chief architect of the former No. 1 store will give you a thorough understanding of the architecture


Many developers and architects spend a lot of time studying the enterprise architecture of well-known companies and regard these materials as a treasure, but when they take them home, they find that it is not the case.


Tao is the essential law of the development of things, and art is the specific way of the development of things. All roads lead to Rome, and so does the architecture,If we can understand the essence of architecture, we will not stick to the existing practice and theory, but solve the problem in the most direct way


According to different architecture principles, provide you with practical cases of grounding gas. For example, through the case of app server architecture transformation of store 1, you will deeply understand the reasons behind the evolution of the system from single architecture to distributed and then to service; Through the case of the order level sub database of store 1, you will understand how large Internet companies solve the performance and capacity bottleneck of a single database.



Wang Qingyou once served as the chief architect of store 1 and CTO of the startup company. He has successively worked in large Internet companies such as Sybase, eBay, Tencent and store 1.

After learning, I gained: the chief architect’s practical experience in large factory projects; Five difficulties in system analysis and architecture design; 12 architecture cases of large Internet companies.


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