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PHP we use is mainly used for web development. We call PHP FPM to process the business logic of the server through nginx, Apache and other server-side programs. After processing, PHP withdraws memory and returns the results. It can be seen that an HTTP needs to load all PHP files once. This is also one of the shortcomings of PHP FPM at present, and PHP FPM is not suitable for service-side development.

The following is the PHP FPM running process I casually found on the Internet. Please refer to it for understanding
Route to
Load the fast CGI module of nginx
Fast CGI listens for addresses
www.test. com/index. PHP request arrives at
PHP FPM listening
PHP FPM receives the request and enables the worker process to process the request
PHP FPM finishes processing the request, revokes the memory, and returns it to nginx
Nginx returns the results to the browser via http

To summarize, I understand the advantages and disadvantages of PHP FPM


  1. Simple deployment
  2. Convenient debugging
  3. There are many projects based on traditional PHP, which are easy to refer to


  1. Load all project files for each HTTP request
  2. PHP FPM has poor performance and concurrency
  3. Core asynchronous network not supported


The official introduction of swoole

Swoole is a PHPSynergetic processHigh performance network communication engine, usingC/C++Language, providing network server and client modules of various communication protocols
, enabling PHP developers to write high-performance asynchronous concurrent TCP, UDP, UNIX socket, HTTP, and websocket services. Swoole can be widely used in Internet, mobile communication, enterprise software, cloud computing, online games, Internet of things (IOT), Internet of vehicles, smart home and other fields. Using PHP + spool as the network communication framework can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise IT R & D teams^ [1]^

Advantages of swoole over PHP FPM:

  • Can set up tcp/udp/unixsocket server
  • Native support for millisecond timers
  • Asynchronous / synchronous tcp/udp network client, asynchronous mysql, asynchronous redis
  • High performance co process improves the effect and performance of asynchronous IO
  • Resident cli running mode, without loading the project code every time

Compared with PHP FPM, swoole has the following disadvantages:

  • Xdebug and manual dump are not supported
  • Few related documents
  • It is difficult to get started. Most phpers do not understand tcp/ip network protocol, multi process / multi thread, asynchronous IO, etc

The detailed swoole introduction can be viewed in the easyswool documentEasyswool documentation

How to learn swoole

  1. Take a brief look at the official documentation of swoole
  2. Take a look at and implement the two swoole tutorials of singwa
  3. Official entry video for esaysooleEasyswoole getting started video
  4. Take a look at the open source swoole project and study how others use swoole to implement business logic | Blog: woann chat chat chat system based on laravels and layim
  5. At this point, you should be able to use swoole PHPer

My actual project

Deep optimization process of laravel project
Jin chat chat chat system based on easysoole and layim

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