An inventory of commonly used IOS platform application development tools


For the application development of IOS platform, we usually need to use IDE, SDK and other development tools to improve the development efficiency. The application development ecological environment of IOS platform is becoming more and more perfect with the participation of more excellent developers. So, for IOS application developers, how to choose the right ide or SDK tools?

Both IOS application development companies and individual developers need appropriate and easy-to-use application development tools. In many cases, the performance of IOS application development tools has become a decisive factor for building a popular application. In addition, there are some hybrid tools that can support the development of Android and IOS applications at the same time, which brings further convenience to developers.

An inventory of commonly used IOS platform application development tools

Developers all know that it is not easy to develop an excellent and successful IOS application, which is actually a test of the comprehensive strength of the development team in technology, product thinking, UI design, operation and other aspects. But if we can make full use of the features and advantages of IDE, SDK and other development tools, developers may still have a chance to achieve more than expected development results.

Elijah Williams, a senior mobile development engineer from acquaint softtech, recently published an article on application development tools on readwrite, a technology blog site, which mainly introduces some popular and functional ides, SDKs and other related IOS development tools that can really help developers.

These are essential in most IOS application development processes, and are well-known development tools including:


Xcode is an integrated development environment tool launched by apple in 2003 and running on Mac OS X, which can be used to develop applications on Mac OS X and IOS platforms. The initial version of Xcode is based on the IDE tool project builder launched by next company created by jobs.

Xcode is currently the preferred ide tool for most IOS application developers. It can support the swift language developed by apple, as well as C, C + +, Objective-C, Applescript, Java, python, ruby and other languages. Xcode has a unified user interface design, convenient operation and very fast compilation speed. With Xcode, developers can develop applications for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, MAC and other devices in an independent, reliable and consistent way.

In June this year, Apple released Xcode 11 at its global Developers Conference, and began to provide support for some new functions in swift 5.1, such as swiftui framework, swift package manager, etc. in addition, it also made some improvements for workflow and editor, and the current latest version is 11.2.1.


In April 2011, JetBrains, a Czech software development company, launched appcode, an integrated development environment tool built on its own IntelliJ idea platform. Appcode supports swift, Objective-C, C, C + +, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS and other languages. Developers can use appcode to create and develop applications on various platforms of apple.

Appcode can provide developers with code input auto completion, code auto hiding, code syntax and error analysis and repair, code document annotation, code structure navigation, bookmark, integrated debugger, version control integration, problem tracking system integration and other functions, making the programming and code testing process easier. Developers can extend the function of appcode by installing the IntelliJ idea plug-in, and support the development of custom plug-ins to further improve the efficiency of application development.

The latest version of appcode is 2019.3, just released last week. It extends support for swift 5.1, redevelops message trees, and improves performance.


Coderunner is a popular, lightweight and powerful code running test tool on Mac OS platform. It can run code directly without installing additional language environment and check the execution effect in real time.

Coderunner has ide level code input auto completion function, code proofreading, file navigation and other practical functions. It supports multi file project processing at the same time. It can help developers quickly complete all the work of writing, running and debugging code, including Applescript, C, C + +, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, go, Perl, PHP, python, ruby, swift In addition, it also supports the addition of developer defined extension languages.

In addition, developers can set breakpoints in the code through coderunner, and debug the code step by step in more than ten languages. Developers can also browse the call stack, view and edit variables, or interact with the debugger. The latest version of coderunner is 3.1 released in early November this year. The new version further improves the automatic completion function of code input for languages such as C, C + +, Objective-C and go.


Rxswift is the swift version of reactivex, which is a standard implementation interface library of Rx based on swift language. Rxswift has the characteristics of compound, easy to reuse, clear, easy to use, stable, etc. in rxswift, all asynchronous operations and data flows are abstracted as the concept of observable sequence, which can unify the event transfer response method in the program. In addition, in MVVM development mode, rxswift can provide more convenient data binding methods.

The latest version of rxswift is 5.0.1. In rxswift 5, the schedulers are reconstructed, the timeinterval is abandoned, and the dispatchtimeinterval is used. In this way, it can be consistent with the underlying time API and avoid losing precision.


Applyzer is an application market analysis and store optimization service launched in 2009. It can provide developers with relevant ranking information of the app store, covering up to 155 app stores such as IOS and Google play, and access to the app market on MAC, Apple TV and other devices. It also supports user-defined keyword extraction.


Mockingbird is an online prototype design tool developed with pure JavaScript and based on cappuccino open source framework. Mockingbird provides developers with a completely web-based product prototype design service, and can simulate software such as Axure to further enhance the user experience. In addition, Mockingbird has built in various common web controls, including text, link, button, image, list, box, etc.


Testflight is a tool provided by apple for developers to manage test users. Through testflight, developers can invite users to use the test version of the application in advance and collect corresponding feedback, so as to make appropriate adjustments and corrections before the official version of the application is released.

When Apple bought bursty, the developer of testflight, it offered only 100 people to test, and then expanded the quota limit to 1000 within a few months. By 2015, the number had increased to 2000, while in 2017, the number of people tested had expanded to 10000.

In April 2017, apple extended the evaluation period of beta applications from 60 days to 90 days, and also supported the development of multiple applications, allowing developers to analyze and evaluate different application versions at the same time. Recently, testflight has been updated to version 2.5.


Segment fault is a technology exchange community founded in 2013, which is dedicated to developers. It has long been committed to changing and improving the way and efficiency of people’s access to knowledge, helping more developers to grow and succeed.

Although segment fault is not a tool, it has become an important part of IOS application development ecosystem. In the segment fault community, developers are free to retrieve, communicate and share any topics related to IOS development.

Since the establishment of segment fault, a large number of IOS application developers have shared their technical experience and experience related to the field of mobile development in the community. At present, tens of thousands of IOS development related technical articles have accumulated, and successfully helped many developers solve thousands of technical problems.

In addition to the developer community, segmentfault also provides IOS related technical information, Q & a consultation, offline salon activities, online programming training and other services. IOS developers are welcome to enter the segmentfault community to share and learn relevant content and knowledge, and work together with the segmentfault community to establish a more complete IOS developer ecological environment.

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