Alicloud OSS signature upload (combined with elementui)


Principle: get the signature from the server and upload it to the Alibaba cloud OSS server directly.


Elementui main code


< El form item label = "upload picture" prop = "video" >
    <el-upload id="video"  action
        <img v-if="form.cover" :src="form.cover">
        < El button class = "Avatar uploader icon" type = "primary" > upload < / El button >


    var _self = this;
    let imgType = file.file.type.split("/")[1].toLowerCase();
    if (imgType != 'jpg' && imgType != 'png') {
        This. $message. Error ('Please upload image type ');
        _self.aliyunOssToken =;
        var ossData = {};
        //Key represents the file level and the file name on alicloud
        let imgType = file.file.type.split("/")[1];
        let filename = + file.file.size; // MD5 encrypts the image name
        let keyValue = "images/" + md5(new Date() + filename) + "." + imgType;

        //Assemble formdata
        let formdata = new FormData();
        formdata.append('key', keyValue)
        formdata.append('policy', _self.aliyunOssToken.policy)
        formdata.append('OSSAccessKeyId', _self.aliyunOssToken.accessid)
        formdata.append('success_action_status', 200)
        formdata.append('signature', _self.aliyunOssToken.signature)
        formdata.append('file', file.file)

            _self.form.cover = + '/' + keyValue;
            _ Self. $message. Success ('upload succeeded ');
            _ Self. $message. Error ('upload failed ');
uploadOSS(formData, url) {
  const config = {
    headers: { "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data;boundary="+new Date().getTime() }

Among them: be sure to use the form submission method. The format of aliyunosstoken is as follows

    "accessid": "LToofXWKudxfoAlI",
    "host": "https:\/\/",
    "policy": "eyJleHBpgfdgdf676uIjoiQxODowNzowMFoiLCJjb25kaXRpb25zIjpbWyJjb250ZW50LWxlbmd0aC17ewreMDQ4NTc2MDAwXSxbInN0YXJ0cy13aXRoIiwiJGtleSIsInZpZGVvXC8iXV19",
    "signature": "H46g4345VIvRhrsMa44546&",
    "expire": 1578478020,
    "dir": "images\/"

Remember to set Alibaba cloud OSS cross domain rules (it is not recommended to use *, it is recommended to set your own accessible domain name)

Alicloud OSS signature upload (combined with elementui)

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