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Aliyun ansible module documentation

This project contains the source code of aliyun ansible module document. Follow the instructions below fromDOCUMENTATIONThe string in the module generates the document.

Prerequisites (Ubuntu operating system)

  • makepractical

    The make utility is required for the program to generate HTML documents.makeInstall the utility by running the following command on Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get -y install make

pythonVersion 2.7. X

Run the following command to installpython.

sudo apt-get -y install python2.7

Check the python installation by running the following command.

python –version

  • installpip

    Run the following command to installpipAnd other packages.

sudo apt-get -y install python-pip python-dev dos2unix

  • Installing Sphinx and themes:

pip install sphinx==1.4.8 sphinx_rtd_theme

Build document

To build a module document, you need toansible-provider-docs/docs/docsiteRun the following command from the folder

cd docs/docsite make webdocs

The generated HTML file is in the_build/html/Folder

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