Alibaba cloud technology drives “digital transformation” and helps small and medium-sized enterprises to “break through”


From 2020 to 2021, COVID-19 brought the whole world into a difficult mode, and the economic operation of the country had to slow down. This has not only caused a lot of inconvenience to everyone, but also had a great impact on the enterprise organizations that people rely on. What every micro individual feels is only the influence visible to the naked eye around him. However, there are thousands of changes quietly taking place where the enterprise is invisible to the naked eye.

Under the epidemic situation, small and medium-sized enterprises are “organic in danger”

According to the statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, by the end of 2019, there were 30 million small, medium and micro enterprises. However, according to the survey, after the outbreak, 86.46% of enterprises’ production and operation were greatly affected. Among them, 38.90% of small and medium-sized enterprises reported serious impact, and their operation was temporarily suspended; 29.43% of enterprises reported that the impact was particularly serious and would lead to losses.

At the beginning of 2021, the global epidemic situation is still severe. The impact on enterprises is not just as simple as working at home, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

However, in 2020, we saw the strong resilience and rapid rebound of China’s economy. In 2021, will the epidemic not only bring crisis, but also give birth to new business opportunities?

Chen Yiming, head of Alibaba cloud website, said:

The answer is yes. The direct impact of a series of changes brought about by the epidemic on small and medium-sized enterprises is to accelerate and promote the process of enterprise digitization. The changes in consumer behavior brought about by the epidemic have accelerated the urgency of digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises can accelerate the process of enterprise digitization from many aspects such as business online and digitization. At present, it is the best time for enterprises to cultivate their internal skills and build their core competitiveness.

In addition, the strong online and offline development of enterprises has also formed a sharp contrast with our online and offline economy. This has also prompted many small and medium-sized enterprises to further strengthen their determination to promote the online digital economy.

Alibaba cloud technology drives
Chen Yiming, head of Alibaba cloud website

Of course, digitization is good, but for small and medium-sized enterprises with weak economic strength and resistance, if they build digitization completely on their own, they will face various shortcomings in human, material and financial resources. However, based on the rapid development of China’s Internet industry for more than 20 years and the continuous development of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, Internet enterprises have launched a variety of enterprise information technology development services and applications in the context of the gradual clarification of the national digital development policy and the third wave of digital upgrading, It is ready for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Alibaba cloud, technology driven SME digitization

In the future, Alibaba cloud will focus on the digitization process of small and medium-sized enterprises, comprehensively upgrade the online scale service capability with technology and data driving, products and scenarios as the carrier, and help small and medium-sized enterprises evolve from it to online business. Alibaba cloud website aims at the phased differences in the scale, industry and online business scenarios of small and medium-sized enterprises, customizes and constructs enterprise cloud scenarios, deepens exclusive services and rights, and meets the diversified, online and digital needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In order to enable SMEs to better realize digital transformation, Alibaba cloud focuses on three stages of enterprise operation: enterprise online, online operation and digital efficiency improvement, builds scenario core capabilities for SMEs to go to the cloud, helps SMEs reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

1. Connect to the cloud and the enterprise is online

1) Cloud building:

Enterprises need a complete evaluation process before choosing to go to the cloud. For start-up enterprises, a basic website construction must not only have basic equipment such as website domain name, host space and website source code, but also have full-time personnel to operate and maintain. The process is complicated and the cost is high. These problems can be easily solved on the cloud. Relying on massive domain name resources, Alibaba cloud will help enterprises realize full-featured customized development of websites, with efficient and transparent processes, and pave an open, reliable and inclusive path for enterprises to go to the cloud.

Relying on Alibaba cloud’s website building service, Shanghai aiyao robot Co., Ltd. has realized online cloud. It is a high-tech intelligent manufacturing enterprise. The original intention of its website building is to make it easier for customers to find the company’s content, such as technical support, file download, user manual, etc., and improve users’ favor for the company and products; In addition, we also hope that the website pages are concise and clean, highlighting the sense of technology. These have been easily realized on Alibaba cloud.

The cost, flexibility, stability and convenience of cloud technology and service base ensure the growth possibility of a start-up in its infancy, and these experiences do not need today’s small and medium-sized enterprises to take another detour.

2) Cloud on it resources:

With the continuous maturity of cloud computing technology and the popularity of related applications, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises migrate IT resources to the cloud. By adopting different cloud migration architecture implementation schemes, users can migrate traditional IT systems to the cloud according to different implementation scenarios. Compared with traditional information architecture, cloud computing has more security and reliability advantages, so more small and medium-sized enterprises also choose cloud data backup in order to prevent data loss.

Relying on the digital base, during the epidemic period, the dairy enterprise Weigang Dairy successfully transformed the crisis into an opportunity, stabilized the “vegetable basket” and “milk bottle” of the people, and formed its own differentiated competitiveness in the regional dairy market. Due to historical reasons, Weigang’s IT technology architecture is relatively traditional, which is difficult to meet the business scenario of today’s new retail. The original daily subscription platform is difficult to support the business scenario of holiday promotion, and the online and offline collaborative promotion means is a powerful weapon for new retail. In addition, the online and offline systems of Weigang are not interconnected, forming an information island, and even the data of logistics distribution end and milk delivery end are not completely connected. Moreover, facing the diversified needs of consumers, the means of customer touch is also relatively simple.

Weigang began its transformation and implementation last year and played a role during the epidemic. Dairy products and fresh products belong to two different entity subsidiaries. After the group management decided to “order every day” fresh products online, Alibaba cloud team successfully completed the migration in only 48 hours. The front-end was unified, and the back-end orders were transferred to different entity companies. The system also supported the million level order flow of fresh products during the Spring Festival. Weigang Dairy will continue to cooperate with Ali in the construction of middle and back office systems based on data capability driven to realize comprehensive transformation.

Customers like Weigang Dairy can choose the appropriate technical architecture to realize the Internet Design of the overall IT system in combination with their own business scenarios. Through the best practices of cloud product architecture, Alibaba cloud’s product portfolio can be brought into full play, and users can fully enjoy the value benefits brought by cloud computing, such as flexibility, low cost, stability, security and ease of use.

3) Online office cloud:

Due to the impact of the epidemic in 2020, most businesses of enterprises rely on online, and collaborative office has become a means of promoting Internet business. The demand of enterprises on the cloud has accelerated, and collaborative office has become the most common demand in many cloud applications. In September 2020, Alibaba announced a new round of strategic deployment: upgrade nailing into a big nailing business unit, fully integrate with Alibaba cloud, and integrate all relevant forces of the group to ensure the full implementation of the “one cloud nailing” strategy. And officially announced that Alibaba cloud 2.0 will build a digital native operating system based on the Feitian cloud platform‘ Cloud nailing and cloud integration are the core components of this operating system‘ Connecting Alibaba cloud infrastructure with various applications from customers will certainly change the use of cloud and the development of applications, and help more enterprises and organizations directly enter the cloud computing era with zero experience and zero cost.

Under the epidemic situation, the Ministry of education put forward the emergency measures of “no suspension of classes and no suspension of schools”, and encouraged all localities to make use of the Internet and information-based education resources as much as possible to provide learning support for home students. Online education enterprise ape counseling immediately responded to the call of “no school suspension” and announced that it would provide free live classes to primary and secondary school students throughout the country during the extended winter vacation. In view of the high and concurrent traffic of the epidemic, the ape counseling technical team decided to “give trust to teammates and the peak to the cloud”, communicate with the Alibaba cloud team, and carry out rapid Large scale capacity expansion, and ensure system availability, reliability, security and stability through all-round technical means on the cloud. In order to continuously and reliably provide high-quality course content to primary and secondary school students in the business peak brought by free live courses, and comprehensively ensure the content quality and smooth operation of online courses during the epidemic, we launched the rapid response mechanism of online office, and made key work deployment for multiple business ports such as teaching, service, technology, platform and service, 356 lecturers, 412 teaching assistants, 151 technicians and more relevant staff were mobilized to continuously cooperate in online “combat”. All these ensure that ape counseling “upgrades and plays strange” all the way, and supports it when another round of traffic peak surges today.

Today, more than 15 million enterprise organizations’ core business scenarios such as ape counseling have been deposited on Alibaba cloud, which can provide multi industry and multi-dimensional office solutions, so that enterprise organization members can be closer to customers and value partner members, create value more efficiently, and successfully help enterprises realize digital management and mobile collaboration.

2. Business online, real-time application

1) Real time protection of security scenarios:

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of security incidents such as DDoS attacks, extortion attacks and data leakage, no matter the subdivided technologies such as 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, or the services such as cloud platform, server and hardware, they are all security breakthroughs and protection ports. These security risks all pose great challenges to the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

South China Linrui technology is a wholesale and retail enterprise. After going to the cloud, Alibaba cloud fully guaranteed the security of the company’s key project ticket system data, successfully reduced the risk of business interruption of the ticket system, and met the company’s basic demand for low cost under the background of start-up.

Meiyou is a comprehensive service platform for women. With the rapid development of business, Meiyou is also making every effort to build a strong security defense system in order to bring users a more stable and reliable experience. Alibaba cloud cloud shield DDoS service has established the first security fortress for Meiyou, and app security provides a guarantee for the stability of mobile services. The full link solution effectively prevents page tampering, malicious attacks, cheating, bad content and other problems. These security services and products provided by Alibaba cloud enable Meiyou business system to enjoy “stable happiness”.

On November 11, 2020, Alibaba cloud securely intercepted 10.4 million visits to inventory monitoring scripts for Maotai, accounting for more than 93% of the total attacks, and intercepted more than 100 million attack requests on an average day. 13.62 million risk behaviors were detected, and nearly 100 million yuan of marketing funds were helped to protect cloud enterprises. 2% of the orders were found to be attacks, and the accuracy of attack identification exceeded 90%, saving huge time-consuming and extremely high cost of manual identification.

In the same period, Alibaba cloud successfully resisted the largest resource exhausted DDoS attack (also known as CC attack) detected in history, with a peak of 5.369 million QPS. The attacker uses tens of thousands of real broilers to simulate normal http / HTTPS requests with high computing resource consumption for more than months, and the attack complexity is very high. Alibaba cloud ensures that customers have no perception and business has no accidental injury. All these provide sufficient imagination space for the next station of business security.

Alibaba cloud technology drives

2019-2020 peak changes of Alibaba cloud security protection resource exhausted DDoS Attacks

With Alibaba cloud, various security risks are no longer a big challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the “heavy investment” in infrastructure security, security team and security technology research and development, Alibaba cloud’s increasingly improved enterprise cloud security scenario services will give users a “silky security experience”.

2) Real time application of marketing scenario:

Enterprise digital transformation not only changes the old operation process and business model, but also makes the business more agile, flexible and intelligent. This epidemic has made all online education and live broadcasting platforms undergo a huge real-time pressure test. During the epidemic period, the number of users of the mobile live broadcasting platform has increased sharply. In business scenarios such as live broadcasting recommendation and leaderboard, if there is user feedback such as operation Caton, it is necessary to confirm whether it is the front-end application problem or the background recommendation service problem at the first time. Alibaba cloud provides scenario solutions for these pain points. Through the application of real-time monitoring services for front-end monitoring, Alibaba cloud can monitor the health of live app from three aspects: page opening speed, page stability and external service call success rate, so as to gain multi-dimensional insight into the user’s real use experience and help the product carry out continuous iterative optimization. Help technicians quickly locate performance bottlenecks, shorten fault repair time and reduce user loss.

In response to major marketing activities, Alibaba cloud and customers such as Yingke have accumulated very mature response experience. Alibaba cloud, which has experienced the “largest second kill activity on earth” double 11, has an absolute say. Alibaba cloud’s online marketing scenario solutions for various service enterprises can not only help enterprises reshape the customer experience, but also comprehensively support enterprise business innovation based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, perspective operation anytime and anywhere, assist enterprises in scientific decision-making, improve operation efficiency and reduce costs.

3) Real time analysis of IOT:

How is the parking lot in the 60000 square meter high-end business district unattended? It turns out that the parking lot is based on Alibaba cloud’s urban IOT platform and adopts a lightweight unattended parking lot service scheme with light equipment and heavy cloud. It can ensure the high concurrency, high stability and high security of millions of devices in real time. Even if the network is disconnected on site, the owner can complete the electronic payment. After the network is restored, the location aware cloud platform will automatically synchronize the bill information to escort the safe management of the parking lot.

During the epidemic, home isolation became a difficult problem for community supervisors. Some isolation personnel will inevitably go out with a fluke to do something. This poses a great challenge to community managers and may also have a potentially huge impact. For this scenario, Alibaba cloud has developed a “cloud seal” product. It can realize 10 minute field equipment installation and equipment number reporting. After 30 minutes, the equipment accesses the Lora gateway, enters data and starts data joint commissioning. In 1 hour, the business process is arranged, the data link is tested, the SMS touch is reached, and the deployment of “cloud seal” is completed! Behind these figures and professional terms is the speed at which the community builds the epidemic prevention line and the determination and courage of the community and Alibaba cloud to jointly launch a general attack on the epidemic.

This “cloud seal” product launched by Alibaba cloud intelligent IOT will trigger the dynamic and static sensors in the cloud seal once the door is opened, and community staff will receive detailed alarm reminders in a few seconds. Through the cloud sealing strip, the abnormal flow of personnel can be grasped in real time, and the remote care of home observation objects can be realized. Isolation days, whether to go out without permission and other information can be seen at a glance on the epidemic care cloud platform, making the more decentralized personnel management and control visible. At the same time, it can effectively save inspection manpower, prevent cross infection, and greatly improve the control efficiency of community grass-roots units.

In addition, the real-time application of Alibaba cloud IOT is used to breed and grow vegetables with mobile phones, and the home can be seen in one screen… These are the concentrated points of the combination of Alibaba cloud intelligent scene technology and refined governance system, and also the embodiment of the achievements of intelligent construction.

3. Data intelligence, agility and efficiency improvement

In order to stand out in the unpredictable business environment, small and medium-sized enterprises must build an integrated data platform in order to effectively respond to the increasingly personalized needs of consumers. However, the self built data platform of small and medium-sized enterprises has high threshold, great difficulty, easy waste of computing resources and high cost. Alibaba cloud uses its own big data capabilities to help small and medium-sized enterprises easily solve these problems.

Before using Alibaba cloud maxcompute, the music content community application – singing bar used a self built system to store and process log data at each end, including request access records, buried point data, server business data, etc. At the initial stage, the system based on open source components strongly supported the business needs of data statistics, business reports, risk control and so on. However, with the growth of daily data processing, more and more historical data are accumulated, and the needs from other departments are becoming more and more complex. The self built system has gradually exposed its shortcomings in capacity.

Therefore, sing bar began to try cloud services such as ECs and OSS provided by Alibaba cloud, and big data departments began to use maxcompute to make up for the shortcomings of self built systems. At present, except that some scenes with high real-time requirements also use self built systems, maxcompute undertakes all the offline computing work of the singing bar. Nearly 1000 tasks run regularly every day to process TB level data and generate hundreds of data reports for display in quickbi. The visual management interface and SQL based computing greatly reduce the use threshold and improve the efficiency. In addition, recommendation and risk control businesses also make use of the computing power of maxcompute to realize rapid follow-up and iteration of requirements. The big data service provided by Alibaba cloud has fully met the needs of the singing bar business, and has achieved a good balance between efficiency, cost and flexibility.

Alibaba cloud’s data intelligence solution has cleared the technical barriers of big data for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. It can focus resources on the improvement of business value and bring about the improvement of core competitiveness. Both offline processing of massive data and real-time computing of online massive data can be solved quickly and perfectly through Alibaba cloud.

In addition, in order to help enterprises return to work and production and go to the cloud at a low cost, Alibaba cloud’s promotion of the new year’s procurement season was officially launched in early March. With a purchase subsidy of up to 100 million yuan, Alibaba cloud has helped all walks of life to make a good start, providing an excellent opportunity for many small and medium-sized enterprises to go to the “cloud” welfare! There are not only entry-level servers for lightweight applications and low load scenarios for individual users, but also enterprise cloud servers for various enterprise application scenarios. Both entry-level and enterprise level can help small and medium-sized enterprises meet the needs of online sustainable growth.

Alibaba cloud technology drives

To sum up, under the epidemic situation, Alibaba cloud’s scene exploration and technology empowerment for the SME market aims to cover and help more SME users realize digital transformation quickly, conveniently and at low cost, and help SMEs break through adversity and usher in more new breakthrough opportunities in the era of epidemic situation.