Alibaba cloud server deployment personal website (nodejs + mongodb)


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  1. To purchase an alicloud server, choose the operating system, and I choose Ubuntu
  2. In the ECS management console, select instance > more > key > Reset instance password (for login later)
  3. Select remote connection > VNC, a password will pop up to remember it. In the future, remote connection will use
  4. After entering, it is a command line inputroot(user name), the password is the instance password you just reset
  5. Login successfully, update installation sourcesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  6. Install NPMsudo apt-get install npm
  7. Install NPM Management Packsudo npm install -g n
  8. Install the latest stable version of nodesudo n stable
  9. ctrl+dRe login
  10. View versionnode -v npm -v
  11. Install Gitsudo apt-get install git
  12. Clone projectgit clone
  13. Install graphical interface (skip here)
  14. Install mongodbsudo apt install -y mongodb, run the databasesudo mongod
  15. Enter project installation dependenciesnpm iRunning projectnpm run build
  16. Listening IP must be0.0.0.0See item 17 for details
  17. deploy Node.js Project considerations

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