Alibaba cloud Linux technology map launched!


Introduction:As a developer, how much do you know about Linux? To what extent should we learn before we can be judged as “proficient”? If Xiaobai wants to start Linux, where should he start? At this time, you need an effective learning path that can include detailed explanations of knowledge points, which is particularly important for improving the learning efficiency and in-depth mastery of Linux.

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At the beginning of 2021, a number of developer oriented technology maps were added to the developer school, covering multiple technical fields, aiming to summarize the knowledge points through the maps, provide more professional reference materials for developers with different learning needs and different age levels, and help developers in the new era better master technical knowledge and create new value.

The newly launched Alibaba cloud Linux technology map is based on the Alibaba cloud Linux ecosystem, combined with the first-line practical experience of Alibaba engineers, inviting in-service operation and maintenance engineers in the industry to give lectures, and making every effort to create the latest and most comprehensive zero foundation little white start Linux technology map.

The course content it carries covers Linux basic knowledge, common business service maintenance, automatic operation and maintenance, automatic operation and maintenance monitoring, KVM virtualization and many other key knowledge. In addition, e-books and related experience rooms are being prepared to go online to create a one-stop service for students“Course input – experience output – reading precipitation”Mature learning closed loop.

Map address:

Alibaba cloud Linux technology map launched!

Map address:

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