Alibaba cloud edge plus private club officially launched, the first event focused on the best practices of CDN in the field of live video


Recently, Alibaba cloud edge The first activity of plus private sharing meeting was held in Hangzhou. Senior / senior technical experts, product managers and dozens of customer representatives from Alibaba cloud focused on the theme of “best practice of CDN in the field of live video broadcasting”, insight into the technical trend of the industry, share the landing experience, and for the first time disclosed the implementation details of the large-scale application of global real-time transmission network grtn in Taobao live broadcast on double 11 There was a heated and in-depth discussion.

Alibaba cloud edge plus private club officially launched, the first event focused on the best practices of CDN in the field of live video

Edge plus private club positioning communication, sharing and service

Edge plus private sharing meeting aims to review the nature of technology. Through a series of theme salon activities, Alibaba cloud technology / product experts, customer representatives and industry pioneers gather to share and discuss the current hot fields such as live video, ultra-low delay content distribution, edge computing, online business security, etc. At the same time, edge plus also hopes to share Alibaba cloud’s technical thinking and practical experience in massive high concurrency, ultra-low latency, data decision-making, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc. to help customers solve the problems in the process of technology selection, delivery and application, and better integrate business and cloud computing technology.

Hao Chong, a senior technical expert at Alibaba cloud, said: we want edge Plus private sharing is a communication field where pioneers of various industries can speak freely and share their opinions. We also hope that it will be a sharing field where we will share Alibaba cloud’s dry goods of industry and technology with more partners. At the same time, we also hope that it will be a service field where entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs can obtain resources and technologies to solve practical problems.

Alibaba cloud edge plus private club officially launched, the first event focused on the best practices of CDN in the field of live video

On site one: talking about CDN innovation and technology trend

The first topic of the event is “edge technology innovation and large-scale event practice” brought by alicloud senior technology expert Li Ke. As the third largest cloud service provider in the world and the first in the Asia Pacific region, Alibaba cloud has a global edge node volume and rich video scene practice in the CDN field, serving more than 300000 customers, accelerating more than one million domain names every day, and undertaking billions of content refreshments. Based on the technology evolution of alicloud’s CDN edge node for many years, Li Ke shared the current innovation technology direction of CDN: “high performance server is the limbs, strong middle platform capability is the nerve, global intelligent scheduling is the brain, and low delay edge network is the blood vessel. It is our goal to make full use of these CDN edge technology innovation to help customers better explore the market. At the same time, it is hoped that Alibaba cloud can better serve customers based on the practical experience accumulated in such large-scale activities as double 11 over the years. “

Alibaba cloud edge plus private club officially launched, the first event focused on the best practices of CDN in the field of live video

On the layout of edge ecology, Li Ke said that Alibaba cloud will invest in video PAAS, edge programmable, edge network and other directions. First, it will focus on large-scale audio and video processing platforms, realize the integration and deployment of real-time / offline, transcoding / AI computing, and provide the flexibility of million core parallel processing; secondly, build the edge programmable ecology based on programmable configuration Domain specific language to achieve agile business iteration, high-quality personalized delivery, and build the edge FAAS for developers; the third is to develop edge cloud nativity, realize the container and serverless delivery scenario of edge computing, and explore the edge cloud solution under 5g scenario based on cloud native architecture.

Second, live broadcast technology for the future

After the great changes in early 2020, the Internet economy dominated by video, games, e-commerce and education ushered in rapid development. Due to the surge of online users, more and more enterprises are facing the technical challenges of live broadcast system. How can enterprises face the selection of infrastructure in the process of architecture evolution? How to reduce the delay and other key experience indicators in the field of live broadcast technology and grasp the dividend period of customer acquisition growth? The second topic of the event, Ali cloud senior technical expert LU RI brought to the live broadcast industry practitioners: how to use the future oriented live broadcast and RTC technology to achieve a breakthrough.

The positioning of grtn is based on the heterogeneous nodes of central cloud and edge cloud to construct communication level streaming media transmission network with ultra-low delay and full distributed sinking. At present, grtn integrates audio and video streaming transmission and exchange in various business scenarios such as internet live broadcast and RTC. Ultra low delay live RTS support standard H5 based on grtn (Alibaba cloud next generation live and RTC converged network) Webrtc push broadcast has excellent performance in weak network resistance, seamless migration, wide coverage, high concurrency, maturity and stability. The delay can be controlled within 1s in the case of 10 million concurrent levels, and the end-to-end delay of RTC can be controlled at about 250ms, which can help online education and interactive live experience upgrade comprehensively.

Alibaba cloud edge plus private club officially launched, the first event focused on the best practices of CDN in the field of live video

Lu RI shared a group of data on the spot: during the 2020 double 11, Taobao launched the grtn global real-time transmission network of Alibaba cloud CDN for the first time. Compared with the traditional httpflv / RTMP mode, the end-to-end delay of live broadcasting is reduced by 83% after grtn is enabled.

Direct attack on Scene 3: Exploration and practice of 5g edge cloud in the field of e-commerce live broadcasting

The third topic of the event is “exploration and practice of Alibaba 5g edge cloud” brought by Wang Guojun, a senior product expert of Alibaba cloud. Wang Guojun believes that 2020 is the early incubation stage of 5g business, 2021 will be the year of 5g edge cloud layout, and by 2022, 5g applications will have explosive growth!
Compared with 4G network, 5g network provides richer and edge based Internet application deployment scenarios based on core, local and edge DC + site room. 5g edge cloud can bring lower cost, better experience and stronger computing power.

Wang Guojun shared two typical applications of 5g end-to-side collaboration and cloud edge collaboration in the e-commerce field: driven by 5g end-to-end collaboration technology, it gives full play to 5g’s large bandwidth and ultra-low delay characteristics, and realizes elastic collaboration between end-to-side app and edge AI computing power based on the edge cloud platform, which can provide advanced ar effects experience for the presenters and viewers in the current hot live broadcast scene, making the whole process more convenient Smooth and smooth. In the field of 5g cloud edge collaboration, exerting 5g wide bandwidth features can realize the sinking of UHD live broadcasting service to edge DC (Access Convergence), reduce the bandwidth resource consumption of UHD live broadcasting on metropolitan area / backbone network, reduce the cost pressure on the development of UHD live broadcasting business, and promote the large-scale development of 5g ultra-high-definition video service.

Alibaba cloud edge plus private club officially launched, the first event focused on the best practices of CDN in the field of live video

Wang Guojun said: Alibaba cloud is building a 5g capability open platform for operators based on edge cloud, and promotes the landing of 5g Internet applications. It also expects more industry partners to join.

In addition,Alibaba cloud technology experts and product experts also had a warm and in-depth exchange with dozens of customersCustomers have shared their industry insights, practical experience and technical challenges. Several customers from the video and social sectors also actively shared with you the demand characteristics of their industries and the targeted services provided by Alibaba cloud, expressing their great satisfaction.

With the continuous change of customers’ demand in the process of growing, they are faced with more and more diversified choices in purchasing cloud products, and the professional service problems to be solved are also increasing. In the future, alicloud CDN, edge node services and video cloud products will continue to play their own resource advantages and deepen technological innovation to provide customers with more flexible choices and higher performance product services. At the same time, we can listen to the real voice of customers through the edge plus private club activities, meet the needs of customers, build the industry ecology, and achieve win-win business.

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