Alibaba cloud database RDS PG cooperates with e-commerce SaaS leader ban Niu to help intellectualize the number of 1500 + brands


Introduction:Banniu selects Alibaba cloud database RDS PostgreSQL as its infrastructure, which supports the data isolation of more than 10000 merchants and helps banniu implement many PAAS scenarios.

Domestic leading e-commerce service provider——Banniu has built an e-commerce service platform from 0 to 1 through Alibaba cloud database RDS. At present, it has enabled more than 1500 of the world’s top 500 and well-known brands to realize the implementation of digital intelligence and multiple scenarios。 In 2017, at the beginning of its establishment, banniu relied on Alibaba cloud to carry its overall business and selectedAlibaba cloud RDS PostgreSQLAs a capital construction, it has supported the data isolation of more than 10000 merchants and helped banniu to implement many scenes of PAAS.

Alibaba cloud database RDS PG cooperates with e-commerce SaaS leader ban Niu to help intellectualize the number of 1500 + brands

Hangzhou zhengma Software Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “zhengma software”), founded in 2017, is a leading e-commerce full cycle customer service and marketing automation service provider in China. Its independently developed core e-commerce PAAS product – banniu, helps businesses realize one-stop management of 15 platform service businesses, and has served L’Oreal, Anta, BabyCare, Adidas Midea, liangpin shop, Decathlon, Dyson, Li Jiaqi, keep and other 1500 + brands.

With the continuous growth of zhengma software business, the original system has brought many troubles to the technical team. Firstly, the original database products are used as the underlying storage to realize the building block work order scenario, and there are many problems in the design and Implementation Based on the fixed table; Secondly, there is a strong demand for query and analysis in business, and there will be difficulties in implementation and business implementation in the later stage. In the face of the two major pain points, zhengma software chose Alibaba cloud database RDS PostgreSQL. Combined with the characteristics of PostgreSQL, such as multi tenant function, built-in full-text retrieval, parallel computing, separate storage of hot and cold data, and high-performance optimization of complex SQL, zhengma software cleverly designed PAAS scenarios for corresponding applications to provide customers with professional digital intelligence solutions for businesses in the whole industry, Realize integration, standardization, automation, scene and data management.

Only one banniu platform can open up 15 mainstream e-commerce platforms, seamlessly connect the internal and external business systems of the enterprise, break the data island and improve the data circulation and reusability.

Through the drag-and-drop banniu intelligent work order with IKEA assembly capability, the service personnel of Anta and other customers can get started quickly. The standardized intelligent work order components meet the building needs of Anta’s personalized service scenario, learn zero cost, and the service personnel can enter the business specification immediately, greatly reduce the personnel training cost, and improve the processing efficiency of refund management by 30%, The automatic proportion of return and exchange reaches 70%.

In addition, ban cattle also pioneered a bulk transfer solution to help Anta directly drive Alipay payment through intelligent work orders, one click transfer to real-time account, reduce the risk of financial manual operation, make payment for customer service more convenient, and Alipay’s small refund efficiency increased by more than 95%.

Xiong Da (flower name), founder of banniu, said: “At the beginning of its establishment, the company has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Amoy open platform. From using Alibaba cloud ECs to becoming the first user of Alibaba cloud RDS database, to the launch and cooperative use of RDS PostgreSQL version, Alibaba cloud has given us a lot of help. In the future, banniu will work together with Alibaba cloud to provide better and better service management for enterprise customers Understand the solution, so as to drive the improvement of the overall business. “

At present, Alibaba cloud has the richest cloud database product family in China. Among them, Alibaba cloud RDS is the largest, most mature and most complete cloud database in China. More than 400000 databases have been migrated to Alibaba cloud. In the magic quadrant of global database in 2020 announced by Gartner, Alibaba cloud has entered the first camp of global database – the leader Quadrant for the first time.

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