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In recent years, the concept of microservice is very popular. Because it can solve all kinds of problems brought about by traditional monomer applications (such as low code maintainability, inflexible deployment, instability, not easy to expand, etc.), people are more and more interested in “how to successfully implement microservice architecture”. In the Java technology stack, spring cloud is unique and provides a complete set of microservice solutions. It is built based on spring boot and continues the spring system – consistent “simple and reliable”. However, due to the wide range of technologies or concepts of microservices, it is better to have a practical book as a reference before the formal “human pit”. Unfortunately, spring cloud is so new that there is hardly a complete new book in China explaining its usage.

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Based on spring cloud Camden sr4docker 1.13.0, this book, as a work to help you realize the landing of microservice architecture, covers the three themes of microservice theory, microservice development framework (spring cloud) and operation platform (dock ER). The book can be divided into three parts. Chapter 1 introduces the microservice architecture systematically; chapters 2-11 use the spring cloud development framework to write a “movie ticket system”; chapters 12-14 explain how to run the microservice application on docker. The whole book of demo driven learning guides readers to learn relevant knowledge with coherent scenes and specific code examples, and finally realizes the landing of microservice architecture with specific technology stack.

I would like to dedicate this book to readers who want to learn micro services and who don’t know where to start spring cloud. Docker. I hope this book can help you use specific technology stack to implement the micro service architecture, and I hope this book will not disappoint you. Many theoretical contents of the book have not been launched, such as cloud native, 12 factor app, DDD, etc., but the author has marked them in the form of tips, extended reading or warning, which is expected to be expanded by the readers themselves.


1 overview of microservice architecture



2 microservice development framework spring cloud



3 start to use spring cloud to implement microservices



4. Micro service registration and distribution



5. Use ribbon to realize client side load balancing




6 using feign to realize sound_ Type res11 call



7 fault tolerant processing of microservice using Kun pair 1 twist



8 use zuul to build micro service customs



9 use spring cloud con% to manage microservice configuration



10 using spring cloud sleuth to implement microservice tracking



11 common problems and summary of spring cloud




12 Docker



13 running microservices on docker



14 using docker compose to choreograph microservices