Ali Yunkai Hi Shopping Season in 2019 promotes the whole strategy of the main venue!


The purchasing season in Ali Yunyun was officially launched on February 25, 2019. From the open activity pages, the activity can be divided into three stages: the registration stage from February 25 to March 04, the new purchasing stage from March 04 to March 16, and the renewal luxury stage from March 16 to March 31, plus the 5-discount snapping-up stage.

The whole promotional event consists of one main venue and seven branch venues. Home venue will bring you new hot products with full return and value discount. The seven sub-venues include basic cloud products venue, domain name venue, cloud communication venue, new user venue, cloud security venue, SME venue and developer venue.

At present, the main venue and basic cloud products venue, domain name venue, cloud communication venue, new user venue and cloud security venue have been opened for snap-up.

Next, Yunqi Community Editor dedicates the following strategies to the developers:

Main venue activities:

Key words: Hi purchase season, new purchase full return, 50% discount, renewal luxury

I. Enjoy New Purchases

During the period of 3.4-3.15, the cumulative purchase and upgrade of prepaid cloud products (within one year) will be returned when the consumption reaches 3000 yuan. Up to 7500 yuan vouchers!

[Active Objects]
Aliyun users satisfy all the following conditions:
1. Registered Member Users with Real-name Certification on Aliyun Official Website
2. Click “Register Now” on the activity page to confirm the participation actively.

[Activity time]
March 4 – March 15, 2019 (full registration time: February 25 – March 15)

[Rules of Activity]
1. During the campaign, users can purchase and upgrade the pre-paid cloud products (excluding domain names, trademarks, cloud communications, virtual hosts, cloud market products, proprietary cloud products) on Aliyun’s official website for a period of one year or less, and the corresponding amount of Aliyun product vouchers can be obtained if the cumulative effective consumption amount reaches 3000 yuan.

Specifically as follows:

  • The cumulative effective consumption amount is 3000-9999 yuan, 80 yuan per 1000.
  • The cumulative effective consumption amount is 10,000-29,999 yuan, 600 yuan for every 5,000 yuan.
  • The cumulative effective consumption amount is 30,000 yuan or more, 750 for every 5,000 yuan, and the maximum cap is 7,500 yuan.

2. The aforementioned “effective consumption amount” does not include: the amount of consumption of products with a discount of 5% or less, the amount of storage card purchased by the user, the amount of non-paid consumption paid by the user with vouchers, and the amount of refund generated by the user’s refund after purchase.

3. This activity is only applicable to active registered users. Users who have not registered for the activity do not enjoy the coupon discount for their consumption during the activity.

4. If the same user participates in this activity by using multiple Aliyun accounts, only one Aliyun account with the highest effective consumption amount will be returned with the corresponding amount of vouchers.

5. The vouchers obtained by users participating in this activity will be issued to the corresponding Aliyun account before 0:00-24:00 on April 1, 2019. The validity of vouchers expires at 24:00 on April 30, 2019. The vouchers expire automatically.

6. Vouchers are only used by users for new purchases and upgrades of prepaid cloud products under this account (excluding domain names, trademarks, cloud communications, virtual hosts, cloud market products, proprietary cloud products), and may not be transferred or sold, or in exchange for benefits in other ways.

7. Except for special circumstances, the products purchased by users participating in this activity are not supported to unsubscribe. If a refund occurs due to special reasons, the relevant rights and interests enjoyed through this activity should be returned before the refund, such as: replenishing the difference, refunding the amount of used vouchers, returning prizes, etc.

8. If a user conceals, fabricates, cheats, cheats or evades the rules of activities and obtains improper benefits through other abnormal means, such as cheating, accepting, malicious cash, cyber attacks, false transactions, etc., Aliyun has the right to recover relevant rights and interests, cancel the user’s participation qualification in activities and revoke violations. Regular transactions and, if necessary, legal liabilities of users who violate regulations

9. The activity name is only for the convenience of user’s understanding and reference, and it is not effective. The actual activity content is based on the specific activity rules.

2. Lower to 5% discount for many cloud products

Many cloud products are over-priced, as low as 5% discount!

For more explosive products, please click here to snap up:

Five branches officially opened to snap up:

New User Branch: 5% discount for the whole venue, 1 yuan per day for cloud host

Basic Cloud Products Branch: Necessary Combination of Shangyun, One-stop New Experience of Shangyun

Cloud Communication Branch: Enjoy 5 gift, SMS as low as 0.027 yuan per bar

Cloud Safety Branch: New purchases can be reduced to 5% discount, and other packages can enjoy 9% discount, up to 100,000 yuan reduction.

Branch of Domain Name and Trademark: New Domain Name Note is as low as 5% discount, Trademark Designation Service is 2000 to 200

SME Branch: Open on March 16, please look forward to it!

Developer Club: Open on March 16, please look forward to it!

3. Lucky Draw for New and Old Users

1. Aliyun registered users are exclusive, each user can draw a lottery once during the activity!

Click here to participate:

Activity time: 25 February-31 March

Active objects:
Aliyun official website has real-name authentication of registered member users;

Rules of Activity:
1. During the event, the user can participate in the lottery on the activity designated page after login to Aliyun account. The same user can only draw once.
2. The prizes of this event include Tianmao Supermarket full reduction vouchers, hungry red envelopes, ticket-hunting movies full reduction vouchers, including:
(1) Tianmao Supermarket full reduction vouchers:
A. Shopping vouchers less than 199 and 100, supporting daily department stores and leisure food products;
B. Shopping vouchers with 99 yuan less than 50 yuan will support leisure food and housekeeping products.
(2) Hungry Mooman reduces red envelope: 30 yuan less 3 yuan
(3) Film ticket reduction: 35 yuan less 5 yuan
3. After winning the lottery, the user should click “Receive” on the activity page and fill in an accurate and effective Taobao account. The prize will be distributed to the Taobao account filled out by the user. Invalid account information may lead to the failure of issuance. If the user has not completed the binding of Taobao account or clicked to receive the prize during the activity period, he shall be deemed to have given up receiving the prize.

2. Renewal Lucky Gift, Winning Apple Mobile, etc.

Open Draw on March 16, please look forward to it!

4. Carnival has been “planting grass”. What should we do if we have any questions?

Faced with such discounts and abundant promotional activities, if there are any problems, it is suggested that we should ask the second year of Yunxiao in advance, avoid the peak period of purchase, pre-sale consultation: 95187 to 1. Cloud Primary 2 will provide you with comprehensive purchase consultation, accurate configuration recommendation, flexible pricing scheme, 1-to-1 intimate service.

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