Ali set up “Pingtouge” Semiconductor Company to push the Neural Network Chip next year


Summary:Zhang Jianfeng, chief technology officer of Alibaba, announced that Pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was formally established, taking the name from the tropical rainforest animal badger, “I hope this company will learn the spirit of”not afraid”and have a sustainable prospect of carrying heavy loads”.

On September 19, at the 2008 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference, Zhang Jianfeng, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba, announced the formal establishment of Pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. “I hope this company will learn the spirit of”not afraid”and have a sustained prospect of carrying heavy loads”. This is another animal named after Ali, Tmall, rookie and flying pig. As a flat-headed elder brother who has few cruel words, he is doomed to do great things.

It is reported that the company is formed by the integration of Zhongtianwei and Damo Academy Chip Team. The name of the company is also decided by Ma Yun’s clapper. It is derived from the tropical rainforest animal badger. It implies that the company should learn its spirit of fearing hardships and never giving up.

Brother Pingtou is a nickname for the badger. It is the only animal of the family Meerkat in the tropical rainforest and open grassland. Named “Brother Pingtou”, we see the following characteristics: First, passionate, stubborn. Brother Pingtou is listed as the “boldest animal” in the Guinness World Records. He never gives up when he encounters prey and danger. He fights tenaciously and always hunts. Second, believe in small greatness and dare to dream. Brother Pingtou is small in stature, but he is not afraid of animals and poisonous insects which are ten times bigger than them. He is often able to fight back successfully and fearlessly. Third, smart, optimistic, brave and honest. Pingtou is very smart. He can use tools to find out his opponent’s weaknesses and fight bravely. At the same time, rough meat can not be eaten bad, with a very strong defensive ability, it is difficult for ordinary animals to injure it.

Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba’s board of directors, said that chips are the core technology. We have many gaps with developed countries, but Internet of Things chips have a chance to overtake. China has the opportunity to develop its own chips because of its poor foundation in many cases.

Zhang Jianfeng revealed that not long ago, Damo Academy had completed the formation of a team. In April next year, Ali will launch the first neural network chip. In addition, there are completely independent research and development of the CK902 series chips. For the first time, the Damo Institute has simulated 81-bit random quantum circuits worldwide and established a quantum laboratory, which is expected to produce quantum chips in two or three years.

The establishment of semiconductor company, Ali’s chip business is fully integrated together. In addition, in April this year, Ali’s acquisition, investment in Cambrian, deep learning, endurance and other chip companies, we can see that Ali has begun to layout independent chip research and development. In the future, Pingtouge Semiconductor will build an intelligent networking chip platform for automobile, household appliances, industry and many other industries.

In addition, Alibaba has also established the Damo Academy Green Orange Award, which covers information technology, semiconductor, intelligent manufacturing, etc. The winners will receive a cash award of 1 million yuan per person. Mathematics competitions will also be held worldwide. Answers who find the best solution within 48 hours will receive cash awards and periodic guidance from top mathematicians. Ali’s self-developed AI will serve as an auxiliary marker. It is reported that the proposal for the Mathematics Competition came from Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors.

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