Ali P8 architect’s proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?



An old friend found him that day and hoped that he could help his son who was about to graduate to modify his resume and have a better starting point. The P8 boss didn’t pay much attention to this matter (he was an excellent young man, graduated from a major in computer science, job hunting, java development), so he took the time to help modify his resume, By the way, I helped to make up for the simple evil technology;

Normally, a fresh student has an excellent resume, good education and bad skills. It is generally not very miserable to enter any big factory for an interview under the guidance of Ali P8 boss; So he started his job search trip. As a result, the friend lost his pass when he was at Huawei….

This slapped Daniel in the face!!!

After repeated questioning, he finally found the problem: the young man may have bad luck. He met a more serious interviewer. As soon as he entered the interview room, the atmosphere had been crushed, and the whole interview had been tense and tense; I made a question that programmers often make in interviews [say too much]

Huh? Are you wondering if you will pass if you say more?

Five most common reasons for programmer interview failure

If you want to find a high paying job, learning solid basic knowledge and professional skills is the most basic, but you can’t express what you have learned smoothly during the interview. Just like cooking dumplings in a teapot, if you can’t pour them out, the probability of being admitted will be greatly reduced. How can you successfully interview a job? The following is a summary of the reasons for the failure of the interview. We just need to avoid such misunderstandings during the interview.

The reason why Java programmers fail in the interview is that they say too little

Programmers are not good at words, which is a common problem in the IT industry. All their language expressions are replaced by code. Usually, they can only hear the sound of the keyboard in the office, and there is almost no language communication. It may be due to professional reasons. Programmers’ expression ability is very poor. The most obvious performance during the interview is that in the non-technical links, such as self introduction, project introduction, etc., nothing unrelated to tapping the code can come. Even the introduction of the project process and the sections in charge of yourself are stumbling. In this way, the interviewer will feel that you have no passion for your work, and the whole interview process is slightly embarrassing and gives a general impression, Even very poor, so it is difficult to succeed.

The second reason why Java programmers fail in the interview: talking too much

In addition to the word secret type (grandiose type); More people who pass are those who are eager to explain themselves; Some programmers are eager to prove themselves after being asked a question (especially if they don’t understand the question) and cover up their shortcomings with more words. However, you should pay attention to that normally, the skills of the interviewer will be a little better than you, or if you can ask this question, you must know the technical point very well. The more you say, the more shortcomings will be exposed, It is very necessary to master the heat when explaining. I wonder if you can get to this point;

Three reasons why Java programmers fail in the interview: weak mastery of basic knowledge

Many times, enterprises, especially large enterprises, do not have particularly high requirements for resumes. It is not necessarily how gorgeous resumes must be in order to be liked. Many times, super front-line Internet companies focus on the mastery of basic knowledge, which is the most basic and important. Many programmers fold in this area when interviewing Internet companies.

The fourth reason why Java programmers fail in the interview: they fail to successfully answer the tough questions of the interviewer

The interviewer may give some urgent questions during the interview and ask you to give solutions. Of course, in the face of such an emergency, you will generally be nervous and will inevitably have a short brain, but a mature workplace person will give complete solutions. After all, this situation is understandable. What I fear most is that I can’t knock out simple code and have no problem-solving ideas, let alone give a solution. Once this happens, the interviewer can only tell you I’m sorry.

Five reasons why Java programmers fail in the interview: inappropriate words and deeds

Many well-known top 100 companies, especially those with obvious labels of corporate culture, will pay great attention to the performance of this area. Not to say so big, even ordinary people, ourselves, will like people who are polite and behave well. We also hope to have more such colleagues to cooperate smoothly and have full tacit understanding. Xiaobian suggested that during the interview, you must pay attention to proper clothing, not shaking your legs, modest and cautious attitude, and not quarrel with the interviewer.

From the above five common questions, we can see that some programmers really answer the opening sentence in the interview:“You can’t pour dumplings in a teapot”What should programmers do in this case?

Ali P8 closed for 48 days to sort out the interview collection for him

Interviewers usually have a comprehensive understanding of the interviewer’s knowledge structure in just two hours. If the interviewer is sloppy and can’t directly attack the essence of the question, it is difficult to fully express himself and ultimately affect the interview results. In view of this situation, this book does not procrastinate in explaining the knowledge points, strives to be concise, and introduces in detail the core knowledge points often asked in the interview of Java programmers. After reading it, the interviewer can give full play to 12% of his strength in the interview;

This book consists of 9 chapters. The contents of each chapter are as follows:

Because of space, we can’t show it all. This bookJava core lectureFriends in need can follow the public account [Java Doudi] to obtain the full PDF version for free;

Chapter 1:

Explain the principle of JVM, including JVM operation mechanism, JVM memory model, common garbage collection algorithms and JVM class loading mechanism.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 2:

Explain the basic knowledge of Java, including collection, exception classification and handling, reflection, annotation, internal classes, generics and serialization.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 3:

Explain the knowledge of Java Concurrent Programming, including the working principle and application of Java multithreading, the working principle and application of java thread pool, locks, process scheduling algorithms, etc.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 4:

Explain the knowledge of data structure, including stack, queue, linked list, hash table, binary tree, red black tree, graph and bitmap.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 5:

Explain the common algorithms in Java, including binary search, bubble sort, insert sort, quick sort, Hill sort, merge sort, bucket sort, cardinal sort, etc.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 6:

Explain the principles of network and load balancing, including TCP / IP, HTTP, common load balancing algorithms and LVS principles.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 7:

Explain the principle of database and distributed transaction, involving database storage engine, database concurrent operation and lock, database distributed transaction, etc.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 8:

Explain the principle and application of distributed cache, including the introduction of distributed cache, ehcache principle and application, redis principle and application, and the core problems of distributed cache design.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Chapter 9:

Explain design patterns, involving 23 common classic design patterns.

Ali P8 architect's proud disciple failed to apply for Huawei Java post?

Above thisJava core lectureFriends in need can follow the public account [Java Doudi] to obtain the full PDF version for free;

Reading suggestions

The catalogue of this book is detailed. It is recommended that readers use the catalogue as a reference after reading this book to review the old and know the new, so as to achieve the purpose of mastery. It is recommended that readers spend 3 weeks to read carefully and understand the knowledge points, codes and architecture diagrams in the book in detail; Spend another two days reviewing, recall the knowledge points according to the catalogue, and check the omissions and make up the deficiencies in time for the parts that can’t be remembered; Spend another 3 hours reviewing before the interview to fully master the knowledge points of this book. In this way, readers can have a fuller understanding of the breadth and depth of each knowledge point in the book, and be confident and invincible in the interview.

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