Ali Dharma Institute, in conjunction with friends and allies +, launched the first intelligent push in China


Do you remember which app impressed you recently because of its excellent push copywriting? A hot-blooded invitation to a game? News and information of a certain title party? Or a date reminder?

Ali Dharma Institute, in conjunction with friends and allies +, launched the first intelligent push in China

I’m afraid many people’s answer is No. Because there are countless cases that show that the mainstream push scheme has many problems and can no longer carry the functional attributes of pushing valuable information to users. Message push has become the metaphysics of the Internet. As a user, it may not be the lover who asks you good morning every day, but the message push in the mobile phone. News app may be more concerned about what news you want to care about today than you. E-commerce app may know more about what you want to buy tomorrow than you. You even suspect that on the day of the destruction of the earth, the app in your mobile phone will still greet you at a fixed point three times in the morning, noon and evening. As a developer, you expect users to open every link you push, pay attention, read, pull down and stay… Because your year-end bonus may be hidden behind every action. Can your app become a unicorn? The answers and data show up here.

In the fierce traffic competition, push is expected to wake up users’ clicks. The push copy must be like a magnet, like the top love bean in the user’s heart, which can firmly attract the eyes.

From search engine to information flow recommendation, the algorithm determines what personalized content to push to users through the processing of a large amount of data. At the same time, because the intelligence of message push is becoming more and more important, its engineering is also realized in the near future. This leading intelligent push algorithm technology comes from Alibaba Dharma Institute. It is independently developed by Dharma Institute machine intelligence technology decision Intelligence Laboratory. It adopts the online optimization algorithm in mindopt optimization solver and combines flow computing and other technologies. It is an online learning and optimization (olad) scheme. The scheme started from the optimization modeling and solution of the basic problems behind the requirements in the traffic business scenario, as well as the extensive practice of online optimization technology. It has stably served multiple Alibaba internal business scenarios.

The decision-making Intelligence Laboratory of Dharma academy stresses algorithm technology and cooperates with Youmeng + Qiangqiang to launch the first intelligent push function in China to help product operators realize the fine operation of one click touch. Through the carefully polished online learning and optimization algorithm, the push crowd and push copy are accurately matched to maximize user clicks. Through the perception of different user scenarios and the optimal allocation under various constraint quotas, the weight of useless push information is reduced, the interference to users is reduced, and the push experience of user dimension is optimized.

How can intelligent push only create concerns and needs

Intelligent push = high-quality content x appropriate time x appropriate frequency x reasonable channels x accurate users, keep information garbage away from users, and only provide care and needs.

Crowd intelligent matching to improve push hits and conversion

When operators create push plans, they can create multiple push files at the same time. When push messages start to be distributed, alidamo algorithm will realize accurate matching of files according to users’ real-time clicks and combined with Youmeng + global data, and push each file to the most appropriate user group. Therefore, it can improve the overall user clicks and click through rate of message push.

Taking the e-commerce industry as an example, multiple push copies can be different descriptions of the same commodity, such as “99 yuan snack package mail must see”, “snack gift package as long as 99 yuan”, “everyone is frantically robbing this snack gift package”, and so on. It can also be the description of different commodities, such as “egg yolk crisp promotion must be robbed”, “the best snail powder is Ta”, etc. Differentiated copywriting strategies are more conducive to match user groups with different preferences.

Copywriting content optimization

Copywriting is the core of push. Some people say that the beginning of the article is a “three line love letter” written to readers. Push copywriting largely determines the power of users to click. Users can click through accurate copywriting to make users interested. Users’ preferences need to be obtained through multiple attempts and running in. Intelligent push upush supports the creation of multiple differentiated push documents at the same time, and operators can reuse historical excellent documents directly from the push document library.

In the next stage, Youmeng + will also reuse Ali’s mother’s ability to generate copywriting intelligently to completely solve the problem of copywriting anxiety of operating students. Only enter the product name and keywords, and automatically generate the most popular and popular push copywriting suitable for various scenarios through artificial intelligence algorithms.

Send a variety of push files with one click to avoid repeated interruptions to users

How can you make users feel that your contact with him is not an interruption? Although the traditional push can send different copies to users many times, it can count which copies have the highest click through rate and which users like most. However, multiple distribution means frequent interruption to users, which may be counterproductive. The intelligent push upush sends a variety of push documents with one key, and the same user is only touched by one document to avoid repeated interference to the user. A more intelligent push mechanism provides users with more valuable and helpful reminders.

Ali Dharma Institute, in conjunction with friends and allies +, launched the first intelligent push in China