Ali Baichuan and geek bang technology have reached strategic cooperation, weex announced open source


Ali Baichuan and geek bang technology have reached strategic cooperation, weex announced open source

On April 21, the qcon global software conference hosted by InfoQ was held in Beijing. More than 150 domestic and foreign technical experts will bring you a technological feast. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Huo Taiwen, founder of geek state technology and InfoQ China, and Zhuang zhuoran, senior director of Alibaba, head of Taobao mobile platform and new business business department, and Ali Baichuan, jointly announced that geek state technology and Ali Baichuan have reached strategic cooperation to build a mobile developer ecosystem.

At the same time, Zhuang Zhuoren also announced that weex, a new technology solution for Alibaba Baichuan mobile applications, was officially open for internal testing and will be fully open-source in June. Weex provides Android demo download on its official website, and IOS version is in preparation.

In the past year, geek bang technology has experienced rapid development. In addition to InfoQ for more than five years of experience and technology, it has also created stuq, an online learning platform for junior developers, GIT, an internal training service for internal developers, and ego for senior technology managers and decision makers to integrate global high-quality learning resources and help technicians and enterprises grow as its own Mission.

Alibaba Baichuan is the wireless open platform of Alibaba group. Through the opening of “technology, business and big data”, Alibaba Baichuan provides high cohesion, open and industry-leading technology product matrix, mature business components and perfect service system under the mobile scene, helps mobile developers quickly build apps, accelerate the process of APP commercialization, and comprehensively empowers mobile developers and mobile entrepreneurship People.

The combination of the two will create a better community atmosphere and growth environment for mobile developers in China.

Weex: Alibaba’s latest thinking on mobile development best practices

At keynote in the morning, Zhuang Zhuoren gave a speech to participants on “from the growth of everything to prosperity and order – Rethinking mobile development”, reviewed the development of mobile development technology in the past decade, shared the best practice of mobile development in hand Taobao, and introduced the mobile development solution weex launched by mobile Taobao. After the speech, InfoQ reporters interviewed Zhuang Zhuoren to learn more about weex.

Weex is a cross platform development framework officially supporting IOS / Android / HTML5 platforms. It uses HTML / CSS / JS to develop native applications. Its principle is similar to react native, but its concept is different. Inspired by the web component and vue.js project, the DSL which is close to HTML standard is adopted for development. Its positioning in the architecture is equivalent to the view and ViewModel in MVVM.

From the introduction of the speech and project website, we can know that weex has the following characteristics:

Lightweight. Low invasive, easy to use.
Scalable. Rich built-in components. Extensible API, comprehensive event support.
High performance. Quick launch and rendering for a better user experience.

The example of DSL given on the official website is as follows. It can be seen that it is almost hmtl5:

Ali Baichuan and geek bang technology have reached strategic cooperation, weex announced open source

Different from react native’s “learn once, write everywhere” – that is, the concept of platform independence is emphasized, weex re mentions the concept of “write once run everywhere” to shield the underlying hardware differences and generate code for three platforms at a time.

In addition, due to the syntax of Vue template, it is more natural to use weex to write the interface, which conforms to the front-end development habits and has no learning threshold. In this way, weex development can directly use the code completion, error checking and other functions of existing development tools to improve development efficiency. At present, react native only has an immature ide nuclide developed by Facebook itself, and weex is better in this respect.

Weex supports three ways to integrate with existing projects:

Full Page. That is, the entire page is generated by weex.
HTML5 components. That is, the native UI components generated by weex are embedded in the HTML 5 page.
Native component. The weex generation component can also be mixed with the UI written in native code.

According to Zhuang Zhuoren, the predecessor of weex is weapp, a framework for dynamic configuration of native UI components with JSON. Weex inherits this and does it more thoroughly. At the same time, it absorbs the ideas of excellent projects and standards such as react native, web component, vue.js, so as to form the current project, which can be said to be an upgraded and evolved version of solutions for its own business. During last year’s promotion of the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, weex served as the main venue of the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and achieved a complete success.

Currently, we need to apply for internal testing on the official website of the project to use weex, which will eventually be open-source in June. During this period, the technical team of handtao will continue to polish the project.

Alibaba Baichuan (Baichuan. Taobao. Com) is the core strategy of Alibaba Group’s “cloud” + “end”. Based on the world-class back-end services and mature business components, through the opening of “technology, business and big data”, Alibaba Group provides mobile creators with solutions that can quickly build apps, commercialize apps and improve user experience. At the same time, Alibaba Group provides Diversified entrepreneurial services – physical space, incubation and operation, venture capital, etc., provide comprehensive protection for mobile entrepreneurs.
Ali Baichuan and geek bang technology have reached strategic cooperation, weex announced open source