Ajax message book source code is available for download


I didn’t intend to put this source code up. After all, it’s been a long time and hasn’t been perfect, but I found that many netizens asked me for this code. I’m a lazy person and don’t want to send it by email one by one, so I moved to my blog. If everyone likes it, I can do it myself!
This message book is made entirely out of their own learning and practice of technology. It is only for technical exchange and learning. The function is not perfect and can not be really applied to time projects (although I found that someone used this message book, sweat one!), At present, the message book only includes the message function, and there is no reply and reply from the administrator
Delete the message function.

brief introduction:
1. The message page is not refreshed. After leaving a message, it will be automatically updated to view the content of the message area.
2. Timely update function of message content (when there is a new message, the system will automatically update the content of the message area without refreshing the page to see the new message).
3. Skin changing function.
4. The function of saving the current skin and page number locally. After refreshing the page, still stay in the previously selected page number and keep the original skin.
5. Perfect verification mechanism.
6. The whole source code is composed of one HTM file, seven CSS skin files, one JS file, three ASP pages and one database file, without using a picture (in fact, my art work is too bad).

Local download