Agile development – JIRA & confluence learning video


The necessary tools for Agile Development: JIRA + conference, perfect combination.

The introductory training video contains the introduction of JIRA, confluence, biggantt, zephyr, tempo, question, ScriptRunner, jeditor, enhancer, GIT integration, subspace and other ten tools and plug-ins.

Video overview

JIRA + confluence introductory training video, including more than ten tools and plug-ins.

1. Jira, Confluence

2. Biggantt (Gantt chart)

3. Zephyr (test management)

4. Tempo (workload)

5. Question

6. ScriptRunner

7. JEditor

8. Enhancer

9. Git-Integration

10. SubSpace


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Author brief introduction


Ollie Guan,Ctrip PMO

Atlassian Community Champion

Atlassian Community Leader

2018 Atlassian Community Perfect 10 Awards

2019 Atlassian Community Top 10


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