[Aggregate data] QR code generation API interface call example


Two-dimensional code generation api interface, execute to generate two-dimensional code, directly use the label to call the interface address. Nowadays, the two-dimensional code has been greatly popularized and popular, not only because the two-dimensional code has the characteristics of easy identification and multi-terminal support, but also benefits from the various information content it contains.

Interface name: QR code generation api interface

Interface Platform: Aggregate Data (http://www.juhe.cn)

interface address:http://liantu.api.juhe.cn/api…

Supported format: json

Request method: get

Request example:http://liantu.api.juhe.cn/api…

Description of request parameters:

[Aggregate data] QR code generation API interface call example

Return parameter description:

name type illustrate
error_code int return code
reason string Back to Instructions

JSON return example:

<span style="font-family:Microsoft YaHei;">Request to return image content, use<img> The label can directly refer to the interface URL</span>

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