After two months of naked resignation and one month of overseas investment, he moved from Android to the web front end and won JD’s offer in one fell swoop



Seeing the children’s shoes with this title, you may have two ideas:

  • Idea 1: This article is the title of the party
  • Idea 2: is Android development more and more depressed? Is the front end getting hotter and hotter?

I have never liked the title party. The content in the title is my own experience. I graduated in June 2019 and my first job is Android development. In early July 2020, I quit my job and started from scratch. I taught myself web front-end development at home for two months. I began to find a job in Web front-end in September and found a job at the end of September.

Android development is not in a recession. Now, there are one mobile phone, and app development is definitely needed. However, the upsurge of app development has passed. What is lacking now is not junior personnel, but intermediate, senior and experts.

In the second half of the Internet, it is almost impossible to start a business by developing an app. The difficulty is not the development cost, but the operation cost.

I switched from Android development to web front-end development for no other reason, just because of interest. The website development, mobile phone web development, H5 activity page, small program development, official account development, etc., you see, belong to the category of Web front-end development.

About naked words

There is a good saying: “naked words are poor for half a year”.

If you don’t find a good home, don’t quit naked unless you have to. This is my conscience advice to you. Let’s analyze the reason first.

If you have just graduated for a year or two, if you quit naked, you may face the following problems:

  • There are not many deposits in Alipay, and the work has not yet been found. Maybe they have spent their money. The rent may not be available next month.
  • If you’re single, you’re alone. Even if you have strong self-control and stay at home for a long time, it is easy to become decadent and degenerate, and then abandon yourself. You will even feel that the outside world has nothing to do with you, and have the impulse to escape from the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
  • If you have a partner, because you have no income, you will be easily despised by the partner. Maybe she will support your ideal at the beginning. But over time, there will be many problems and contradictions between them, which is certain.

If you already have a family, the pressure of naked resignation should be greater. People who come here can talk about their feelings.

Of course, the situation described above is based on the default that you have strong self-control. Many people will become very lazy after graduation. If you don’t have self-control, you won’t talk about it.

In that case, why should I resign naked?

First of all, I am very sure that I will do web front-end development in the future, but I have almost no foundation and experience in this knowledge. It is obviously impossible for me to find relevant work directly. Therefore, before looking for a job, I need to learn by myself for a period of time.

Some people may think: “aren’t they all programmers? Is there such a big difference between Android development and web front-end development?” let me give you an analogy. Hospital registration is also divided into different departments. It’s not so easy for surgeons to turn to be physicians. Similarly, there are naturally a few people who meet the characteristics of the whole stack of engineers.

I tried to use the evening time and weekend time after work to study, but found that even if I don’t work overtime, there is very little time available: socializing, exercising, having dinner, sleeping in, occasionally cooking, single people want to find someone, people with objects want to go out on weekends

Time is our most honest friend, but our biggest enemy is that time is not enough.

Therefore, in order to have enough time to focus on systematic learning, only naked words can be used. It is said that “golden nine and silver ten” is the golden period for social recruitment to find a job. Therefore, I plan to leave my job in early July and study for two months. I just find a job in September. In fact, I implemented it according to such a plan.

Here, I would like to give you a suggestion:If you want to transform, it’s early。 If you don’t grasp the golden nine and silver ten, you may have to wait another year.

Of course, some people will say that jobs can be found at any time, regardless of off-season and peak season. But this is only for people with strength.

Risk and retreat

If your job is to:

  • Working in a company, you can’t see the future, but your current job is basically competent
  • The salary is not high, but it can still live, but there is no deposit
  • After two years, the salary only increased by more than 1000. This increase is not high, but in balance with inflation and rising prices.
  • I wanted to change jobs, but my wings are not hard enough. Where can I fly?

At this time, it’s time for you to consider transformation. Of course, there may be other reasons for job hopping, but from the perspective of personal salary and prospects, these can already be the reasons for job hopping.

There is also a person’s choice: “even if my current job is not ideal, it is not too bad. I can continue to stay, I can not make a choice.” yes, of course, you can keep everything the same. However, you should not stay where you are while counting on getting rich and financial freedom.

Making any decision is risky, but there is no return without risk.

Giving itself is a risk. For example, the postgraduate entrance examination may fail and lose the best time to find a job, but if you take the postgraduate entrance examination while looking for a job, basically neither side will get benefits. At this time, we can only firmly choose one of the ways, and we can’t leave ourselves a way back.

At this point, my advice is: if you hide all the timeComfort zone, will eventually enterPanic zone

These two months of naked resignation

If I study at home for eight hours a day for two or three months, there is no problem. I still have this self-control. However, since graduation, no one will have a pure learning environment. Because there may be economic pressure, inner forbearance, uncertainty in the future, and of course, other people’s emotions.

In the past two months, I have two problems to face: on the one hand, the more I study, the more I feel that I don’t have enough time, because there are too many things I can’t do; The other is psychological and economic pressure.

Now think about it, in fact, it’s never ready. The best way is: go to the interview as soon as possible and record the problems encountered in each interview. The more you hit a wall, the faster you progress. I don’t know about other areas. Just looking at the web front end, the questions asked by the interviewer have a very, very high repetition rate.

The month of looking for a job

Haitou has had a lot of feelings this month. Tell me about my general experience, Shenzhen.

In the social recruitment, the words “no front-end experience” can basically be despised by most companies. The company can recruit fresh students without experience.

In mid September, it was pushed to bat at the same time. After two working days, Tencent informed me that I was about to enter the interview arrangement stage, but there was no news. Perhaps this enterprise should become the most memorable company before becoming the most respected company.

When it was pushed to Alibaba and Baidu, it was expected that the resume would be brushed soon.

Pushed to today’s headlines, the resume passed. But most of the written questions in the first round won’t. But it was my first interview.

Pushed to oppo, the official said to reply within three working days, but there was no news after waiting for a week. Let the students take the initiative to ask, only to know that the resume failed.

When I pushed it to Weizhong bank, the person who received my resume should be a leader. He called a front-end engineer to arrange for me. The interviewer gave me ten JavaScript related questions, and I may only be half right. The leader didn’t give up on me, asked me some basic information, and then said, “I’ll arrange two meetings for you next week. You’re ready.” as a result, I didn’t hear from you after waiting for more than ten days, but I can’t think about it (after two weeks, wechat contacted me, but I’ve found a job at this time).

After pushing so much, it ended in failure. I decided to invest in hook pulling, boss direct employment and 51job Shanghai. Sea cast countless, basically rejected.

During the period of overseas investment, I met two: Ping An Bank and China Merchants Bank, but I failed. Another company invited me for an interview. When I arrived at the interview site, I asked to do logical reasoning questions first. As soon as I saw the questions, I left without hesitation. Because it’s a waste of youth to do this kind of topic, I’ll intercept one of the questions and let you feel it:

After two months of naked resignation and one month of overseas investment, he moved from Android to the web front end and won JD's offer in one fell swoop

When I was investing overseas, I filtered out companies with less than 100 people. Maybe I shook my hand and delivered it to a small start-up company (with about 30 employees). On the one hand, it was a technical interview in the form of telephone. After chatting for an hour, I felt very congenial; The second is to talk directly with the CEO. Finally got the offer and the salary reached the expectation. After discussing the entry time with the other party, I seem to feel that the sentence “it’s very important to train people in a startup company, and the comprehensive ability will be fully reflected” can be fully reflected in me. Unexpectedly, I turned down the offer the night before I started. I won’t say the specific reason. I just don’t want to go.

Yes, I turned down the company without any other offer. It was the end of September.

I even thought about the worst: if I really can’t find a job, I may try to be we media, although this road is not easy.

At the same time, I tried to push to Jingdong. In just one afternoon, I went through JD’s written technical examination and three rounds of interviews (technical, boss and HR). At the third meeting, HR said he would give me a notice next Monday. As a result, I didn’t wait for HR’s notice next Monday, but I received another round of telephone technical interview from JD. After a whole week of hard waiting, I finally received JD’s official offer at the end of September.

Here are two suggestions:

  • 1. It will be a better choice to find a job through internal promotion channels. The biggest advantage is that HR can take a look at your resume in the crowd.
  • 2. During the technical written examination and technical interview, the repetition rate is very high, so after each interview, you must record and sort out the questions.

Every interviewer will ask me, “why did you transition from Android to the front end?” in the first few interviews, my answer was only four words: “because of interest”. However, it was later found that this answer did not seem to impress others. So I thought of an answer. Every interview, I answered like this. The answer is as follows:

First of all, out of love for the front end, so I made a firm determination; Secondly, both front-end development and Android development belong to the large front-end field. They have many similarities. I started relatively smoothly in the process of mastering the front-end; Thirdly, on the premise of having other technical knowledge, doing front-end development may better think about the problem from the overall perspective.

On the whole, the opportunity to find a job in September is very large. Don’t worry. As for the situation in October, I haven’t experienced it yet.

How novices learn the front end

How should novices learn the front end? Novice entry front-end, there are many basic contents to learn, as follows.

1、 Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript syntax. After learning the basics, you can imitate the layout of the home page of e-commerce websites (such as JD and Xiaomi).

2、 Advanced JavaScript syntax. Including scope and closure, this and object prototype, etc. Believe me, JS grammar is always the most important part of the interview.

3、 JQuery, AJAX, etc.

4、 ES6 syntax. This part belongs to the new syntax of JS, which must be asked in the interview. Among them, we should pay special attention to promise, async, etc. 5、 HTML5 and CSS3. Be familiar with the new features.

6、 Canvas. During the interview, some companies do not necessarily ask canvas, relying on luck. If you don’t have enough time, you can not learn this part first. But if you can, it’s definitely a bonus.

7、 Mobile web development, bootstrap, etc. Pay attention to adaptation and compatibility in mobile development.

8、 Front end framework: vue.js and react. There must be at least one of these two frameworks. When getting started, it is recommended to learn vue.js first, which is relatively easy to get started. However, the qualified front-end students are those who master Vue and react at the same time.

9、 Node.js. It is a bonus item. If the time is not enough, you can not learn it first, but at least you should know the configuration of the node environment.

10、 Automation tools: build tool webpack, build tool gulp, CSS preprocessor sass, etc. Note that sass uses more than less, and gulp uses more than grunt.

11、 Front end integration: http protocol, cross domain communication, security issues (CSRF, XSS), browser rendering mechanism, asynchronous and single thread, page performance optimization, debouncing and throttling, lazload, front-end error monitoring, virtual DOM, etc.

12、 Editor related. Sublime text is an editor that everyone who studies the front end needs to use. In addition, there are two common ides on the front end: webstorm and visual studio code. WebStorm everything is too laggy, but what’s more, carton; Vs code is much lighter.

Personal summary: novices generally use webstorm. After getting started, more people use vs code.

How to prepare for an interview?

I just want to say one thing. I must brush more questions, brush questions, brush questions, and say important things three times. I started to brush questions before the headline interview, and brushed the front-end interview questions of big factories in recent years, because the basic technical points and principle questions are really important, and they will be asked basically, and big factories are the wind vane of Internet companies.

Recently, I sorted out the interview questions I brushed before. It’s nearly 300 pages. I ate them together before I got Jingdong offer. Now I share them with you. It’s a Thanksgiving feedback.

If you need this full version of the interview question + analysis,[click me]That’s it.

After two months of naked resignation and one month of overseas investment, he moved from Android to the web front end and won JD's offer in one fell swoop
After two months of naked resignation and one month of overseas investment, he moved from Android to the web front end and won JD's offer in one fell swoop
After two months of naked resignation and one month of overseas investment, he moved from Android to the web front end and won JD's offer in one fell swoop

last leg

Finally, I would like to share with you:

If you are different from others, it is the spirit of pursuing yourself without giving up. Stick to it, there’s always one for you.

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