After the computer power on, always pop up Sogou input method sgtool.exe damaged image how to do?


“Sogou input method prompt window: sgtool.exe damaged image” after boot, it has been popping up, also affect the normal typing and chat, very annoying, now to provide you with a simple solution. The details are as follows:

Software name:
Sogou Pinyin input method v9.8.0.3746 official free installation version
Software size:
Update time:
2020-07-21Download now
Software name:
Qihoo 360 security guard v10.0.0.2001 official version
Software size:
Update time:
2015-04-23Download now

1. Click on this computer (win8), find the program to uninstall or change and click.

2. Find Sogou input method in its drop-down menu, right-click and select“Uninstall / change”“And then unload it.

3. Download and install Sogou input method again( Suggestions:The installation directory is placed on other disks except disk C. I am placing disk g here

4. After the installation, it can be solved, and the typing and chatting are back to normal. Is it a very simple method? If you think it’s good, please like it.

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