After installing vs2019, the original vs2017 project cannot compile various errors


MFC project compiles normally in vs2017 and no error is reported. However, after upgrading vs2019, the following error will be reported as soon as the project is opened.

The platform toolset used by the project under vs2017 is visual studio 2017-windows XP (X141_ XP) (although marked obsolete, it can be installed)

After installing the platform toolset used in the original project, the problem is solved. Many components of vs2019 need to be checked before installation.

1. Error Description:

2. Solutions:

1) . platform toolset installation

Tools (T) → get tools and functions (T), open visual studio installer, select Modify → single component, and check the components to be installed.

1) Right click solution → properties → general → modify platform tool set, and select the tool set used by the original project.

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