After installing kb4570723 patch on win10, how to repair the mouse pointer jam when starting up?


As we all know, after the patch is released, many users will choose to update it at the first time, but sometimes there will be some problems. For example, after installing the kb4570723 patch, the mouse pointer will get stuck when the win10 system user starts up. Generally, it is caused by the incompatibility between the patch and the system. Here are the repair methods, Interested friends, don’t miss it.

The specific solutions are as follows:

1. Press Win + I to open [Windows settings];


2. Click [update and security];


3. Click View update history, and then select uninstall update to delete the update;

4. After the deletion, restart the computer, and then download the Microsoft show or hide updates tool  );

5. After downloading, run in the networked state and click [next];

6. Find the update patch of [kb4570723] in the display list and click [next];

7. Finally   Click [Close] in the lower right corner of the page that prompts [prompt troubleshooting completed]!

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