Advantages of WordPress CMS


Nowadays, there are more and more themes of WordPress CMS. What are the unique advantages of WordPress as CMS to attract users to continue to expand? This paper focuses on the advantages of WordPress as CMS.

An open source system for blog is getting more and more attention from users all over the world because of its unique charm. The release of each version of WordPress is gradually developing in the direction expected by users. You can easily customize magazine theme, CMS theme, news portal theme, foreign trade product theme, enterprise theme, etc. with WordPress; WordPress More than just a blog, it can be customized as an interactive forum, an image exhibition gallery, a community portal As long as you can think of it, WordPress can do it.

Therefore, it is said that WordPress 3.0 in the future may have a strong CMS system identity in front of users. A software with less than 2m installation package can play such a powerful function. We can’t help but say that WordPress is really amazing.

What is CMS

CMS is content management system, that is, content management system. It is to separate the content (text, picture, etc.) of a website from the components of the website, connect all pages together, and control the display of the pages. Through this system, you can easily manage, publish and maintain the content of the website, instead of writing HTML code or manually creating every page. That’s what WordPress did.

The function of CMS is not limited to text processing. It can also process pictures, Flash animations, audio-visual streams, images and even e-mail files. CMS has many excellent design based on template, which can speed up the development of website and reduce the cost of development. These, WordPress did, and did well.

CMS itself is not a powerful user management system,Content management is content management。 If you need a strong user management function, it’s better to choose a set of professional forums on user management.

Unique advantages of WordPress CMS

After reading the above CMS definition, you can more firmly use WordPress as the CMS platform. So what are the unique advantages of WordPress that make it so popular?

  1. WordPress is also free and open source; WordPress is a publishing platform developed with PHP language and MySQL database. PHP and MySQL are free and open-source. Therefore, WordPress is also free and open-source. You can use, modify and expand it freely without paying any fees.
  2. Simple 5-minute installation; that’s what WordPress is about. The less you need to do, the better. If your host and database are ready, you may only need tens of seconds to complete the installation process. When you are about to enjoy a new installation process, it has been installed and displayed in front of you.
  3. One click upgrade; to upgrade the WordPress program, you only need to click the “superior button” in the background management, which is convenient and quick. Similarly, the same principle applies to plug-in upgrading. When a new version of WordPress is released or the plug-in is updated, a reminder of upgrading will be displayed in the background. Everything is worry free.
  4. WordPress has a large number of theme and plug-in resources; the theme template and extension plug-in resources owned by WordPress are incomparable to any CMS system. Its powerful user group contributes excellent free resources with high availability to WordPress at all times, so you don’t need to worry about finding a suitable template or plug-in.
  5. WordPress meets web standards; WordPress not only follows the standard of separation of structure and performance, but also the program and template are independent. The update of WordPress program will not affect the status of your website at all. You can operate your tasks with complete confidence. Of course, the standard WordPress provides the greatest guarantee for web designers to better design themes. You only need to modify a style.css file slightly, and your themes may be totally different.
  6. Multi level user rights and content management supportThrough plug-in extension, WordPress can realize the setting of multiple user level permissions. Based on the user level of the system itself, it can enhance the user management function and realize the management operation of multiple users with different permissions. That’s why WordPress has been applied to numerous team blogs.
  7. Powerful customization; the custom field function provided by WordPress can easily expand the theme function of WordPress and realize the alternative performance of the program. In addition, the structure of the background management interface is completely determined by personal preferences. You can drag and drop the functions and positions you like to display. You can also disable the access of users from specific IP segments, set different connection address types, import and export functions of website content, etc.
  8. Friendly search engine optimization; WordPress attaches great importance to the concept of search engine optimization in terms of both the program structure and the definition of template tags, after all, most of users’ visitors are still accessed through search engines. WordPress’s unique permalink system, static page function and numerous excellent SEO plug-ins make you not have to worry about search engine problems. What you have to do is to create every article well and let the search engine actively include it. Moreover, with some well-known SEOER’s investigation and verification, the powerful user group of WordPress has forced search engines such as Google to adjust the priority collection of WordPress system. After all, flattering the program is to flatter the user, who can’t get along with their own consumers.
  9. Excellent article and comment management; the idea of WordPress should be that the content of the Internet is composed of different posts, so WordPress only provides post and additional page functions, and all other functions can be extended on the basis of post; the brief introduction of the article publishing, classification and archiving management functions of WordPress is practical, without the cumbersome relationship structure of other CMS. I think the spam filtering mechanism in the comments is the best one in CMS,AkismetPlugins can help you keep those nasty comments out.
  10. Standardized online documentsA good system must have standard and perfect document support. WordPress has achieved this goal, including rich online documents, including official documents, to help WordPress users solve technical problems in a timely manner. In addition, numerous communication communities are also a lot of platforms, which can enhance the relevant communication and exchange between users.

Of course, WordPress has more advantages than these. Only through personal experience can we find more attractive features of WordPress. Choose WordPress, you will benefit a lot!