Advantages and Disadvantages of Sql Server for 3-minute Dry Goods


Easy to use, scalability for distributed organizations, data warehouse functions for decision support, integration closely related to many other server software, good cost-effectiveness, etc.

It brings flexibility to data management and analysis and allows units to respond calmly in rapidly changing environments, thus gaining competitive advantage. From the point of view of data management and analysis, it is very important to translate raw data into business intelligence and make full use of the opportunities offered by the Web. As a complete database and data analysis package, SQL Server opens the door for the rapid development of a new generation of enterprise-level business applications and for enterprises to win core competitive advantage. As the record holder of the important benchmark scalability and speed award, SQL Server is a database product with full Web support, providing core support for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and the ability to query on the Internet and outside the firewall.

Openness: SQL Server can only run on Windows without any stability of open operating system, which is very important to database. Windows 9X series products emphasize desktop application NT server, which is only suitable for small enterprises, and the reliability, security and scalability of Windows platform are very limited, especially for large databases.

Scalable Parallelism: The parallel implementation and coexistence model of SQL server is mature and difficult to handle the increasing number of users and limited scalability of data volumes.

Security: No security certificate was obtained.

Performance: Excellent performance when SQL Server is multi-user.

Client support and application mode: Client support and application mode. Only support C/S mode, SQL Server C/S structure only support Windows customers to connect with ADO, DAO, OLEDB, ODBC.

Use risk: Complete rewriting of code by SQL server has experienced long test break delays. Many functions take time to prove and are compatible.