Advanced programmer


Use case template

requirement analysis

A. Characteristic information

  • Objective and context
  • Range
  • level
  • Pre condition
  • Successful end condition
  • Failure end condition
  • Main participants
  • trigger

B. Key success scenarios
C. Expand
E. Change
D. Relevant information

  • priority
  • Fulfillment of objectives
  • Frequency
  • Upper use case
  • Lower level use case
  • Contact channels of main participants
  • Assist participants
  • Contact channel of assisting Party

F. Schedule
G. Outstanding issues

A. Characteristic information 
 -Objective and context: the buyer directly sends a request to our company for delivery and billing
 -Scope: Company
 -Level: summary
 -Precondition: we know the buyer and their address, etc
 -Conditions for successful completion: the buyer receives the goods and we receive the payment for the goods
 -Failure end condition: we didn't deliver the goods and the buyer didn't pay
 -Main participants: the buyer, any agent representing the customer
 -Trigger: purchase request received

B. Key success scenarios
1. The buyer calls to buy the goods
2. The company obtains the buyer's name, address, goods to be purchased, etc
3. The company shall provide the buyer with goods, price, delivery date and other information
4. The buyer signs the order
5. The company prepares and delivers goods to the buyer
6. The company sends the invoice to the buyer
7. The buyer shall pay according to the delivery note
C. Expand

E. Change
D. Relevant information
-Fulfillment of objectives
-Upper use case
-Lower level use case
-Contact channels of main participants
-Assist participants
-Contact channel of assisting Party

F. Schedule
G. Outstanding issues

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