Advanced installer activation Patch Tutorial supports one click activation of the latest version


How to use the advanced installation tool for MSI installation package free of charge?This software is a powerful MSI installation package production tool. It has a friendly graphical user interface, simple and intuitive operation, diverse and complete functions. It can make the installation program that meets the requirements of Windows Installer without any knowledge of script. But this software needs to be activated to use for free, so how can I use it for free? Let’s introduce it in detail!

Before using the advanced installer, please download the software and the activation patch at:

Software name:
MSI package making tool advanced installer activation patch v16.8.0 with activation tutorial
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Update time:
2020-02-19Download now
Software name:
MSI package making tool advanced installer v16.9
Software size:
Update time:
2020-03-30Download now

Installation activation tutorial

1. After the developeppaer is downloaded and unzipped, you will get the activation patch and software installation program, as shown in the figure below

2. Enter the advanced installer installation wizard, as shown in the figure below

3. Check “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click next, as shown in the figure

4. Select the software installation directory and click next, as shown in the figure below

5. Click Install to start the installation, as shown in the figure below

6. Wait for the installation to complete, as shown in the figure

7. After installation, do not run the software and wait for the activation patch to be installed, as shown in the figure below

8. Before installing the activation patch, first open the installation directory of the software. If you forget the installation directory of the software, please return to the desktop, find the shortcut icon of the software desktop, and right-click the icon. After the pop-up window appears, select “open file location” to obtain the file installation directory. As shown in the figure

Open the active patch crack folder, copy the active patch in it to the software installation directory, and run the activation patch in the software installation directory, as shown in the figure below

Click patch to activate the software, as shown in the figure below

9. After activation, close the activation patch, as shown in the figure below

10. Get all permissions. As shown in the figure

Advanced installer architect features

1. Setup and uninstall programs

Create fully installed and registered packages, uninstall and unregister your applications, respectively.

2. MSI 2.0, 3. X, 4. X, 5.0 packages that are always valid

Every written and unwritten Windows Installer’s rules, recommendations and best practices are strictly followed.

3. Simple project creation wizard

Use the provided wizard to create a complete Windows Installer MSI installation in minutes.

4. Add / remove (control panel) customization

Customize the application information listed on the add / Remove Programs page of the control panel.

5. Basic user interface only

For no auxiliary or automatic installation: only the progress dialog box and the final error message box are displayed.

6. Project file in XML format

Advanced installers can easily check a version control system and share it among multiple developers.

7. Template project

Create a template based on your current project and prepare it for future projects.

8. Context sensitive help and tutorials

Provides graphical, integrated help and tutorials for simple and user-friendly application learning.

9. You can force a restart

Prompt users to restart even after successful installation to support the sensitive components required.

10. Formatted fields

Use variables and parameters almost anywhere in your installation. They will be resolved at build or run time.

11. Files and folders

Install and uninstall files, create and delete folders. Define your distribution tree visually.

12. Registry keys and entries

Install and uninstall, create or import directly from your registry or reg file into your MSI package.

13. Environment variable

User or system environment variables are created, added, or appended to existing environment variables at installation time.

14. Automatically upgrade older installations

The old version of the product on the user’s computer can be removed before the new version is installed.

15. Import multiple projects

You can import visual studio installation project, InstallShield Le project, wise project, Wix project, MSI / MSM import, Visual Basic 6.0 application, NSIS project, real studio application, etc.

new function

1. Dialog editor

Advanced installer can visually customize the existing setup dialog box or create a new setup dialog box from scratch, save the dialog box template and reuse the dialog box between projects.

2. Patch

Use patches to save bandwidth to update your product. Create a click using the included wizard. Pre and post build checks ensure correctness.

3. Multilingualism and localization

Advanced installer has more than 30 translations to localize your installation program. Easily modify, add to an existing translation or create your own from scratch.

4. Application Virtualization

Fully support Microsoft’s application virtualization technology. Easily build app V packages for your software and enjoy all the virtualization benefits.

5. Repackage

Painlessly capture, customize and repack existing installations to MSI packages. Upgrade traditional settings to Windows Installer technology.


Configure and deploy virtual directories and web applications, application pools, and user accounts for the web site. Lists the available websites and virtual directories.

7. Testing and licensing

Add trial and license support to your application in a few simple steps. Stop leisure piracy and maximize your income.

8. Update

Automatically check, download and install patches and updates. Wizard driven, easy to configure and use.

9. Import

Using the existing installation programs and projects, advanced installer imports from visual studio, InstallShield Le, Wix, eclipse, inno setup, NSIS and regular MSI, MSM packages.

10. Update XML file

Supports inserting, replacing, or deleting elements and attributes in XML files. Simply fix the XML configuration file and register easily in the framework.

The above is the advanced installer graphic activation tutorial compiled by developeppaer for you to share. I hope it can help you.