Add user’s code with dsadd


Description:   This tool command adds some specific object types to the directory. dsadd   Command:

dsadd   computer  –  Add the computer to the directory.
dsadd   contact  –  Add contacts to the directory.
dsadd   group  –  Add the group to the directory.
dsadd   ou  –  Add the organizational unit to the catalog.
dsadd   user  –  Add users to the directory.
dsadd   quota  –  Add the quota rule to the directory partition.

To find help for a specific command, type  ” dsadd  < ObjectType>  /?”, there
<ObjectType>   Is the type of one of the supported objects shown above.
For example, dsadd   ou  /?。

Commas that are not used as separators in distinguished names must be backslashed  (“\”)  Character escape
(for example, “CN = company \,   Inc.,CN=Users,DC=microsoft,DC=com”)。
Backslashes used in distinguished names must be escaped with a backslash (for example,
“CN=Sales\\ Latin America,OU=Distribution Lists,DC=microsoft,DC=com”)。

Directory service command line tool help:
dsadd  /? –  Help for adding objects.
dsget  /? –  Displays help for the object.
dsmod  /? –  Help for modifying objects.
dsmove  /? –  Help for moving objects.
dsquery  /? –  Find help that matches the search criteria object.
dsrm  /? –  Help for deleting objects.

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
for /f “tokens=1,2,3,4,5,6 delims=,” %a in (information.csv) do dsadd user “cn=%d,ou=HR,dc=contoso,dc=com” -samid %d -upn %[email protected] -ln %b -fn %c -pwd %e -disabled yes

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