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Nowadays, short video is popular, BGM is everywhere, and users want to add personalized audio wherever they can show. As a developer, we need to constantly explore and cater to users’ behavior preferences. Audio editing function has become a necessity for users in editing personal information, content creation, life sharing and other scenarios.

The audio editor kit is an audio processing capability provided by Huawei for various scenarios open to developers. It provides rich audio processing capabilities such as audio import, audio editing, audio extraction, audio export and format conversion, and provides global developers with high-performance, easy-to-use and open interfaces, Help developers easily and efficiently build application audio editing capabilities. Audio editing features rich and diverse capabilities, can be used in many fields, and can be applied flexibly based on product characteristics.

Audio and video editing field

App only provides some import and export and simple clip splicing functions when processing audio. It is not intelligent enough in audio processing, and the audio effect is single, so it can not meet the needs of more professional audio processing.

The audio editing function provides the app in the audio and video editing field with the ability to process multi track audio in detail, including audio import, audio editing, audio extraction, audio export, format conversion, etc. to meet the basic operation needs of users. It can also add multiple audio effects, such as sound field, music style, equalizer setting and other more professional audio processing to users, Meet their more professional needs and do some simple Remix.

Live online education

With the live broadcast and online conference, online education has gradually become the daily life of users. Developers have been trying to reduce the noise problem as much as possible. The dual microphone noise reduction performance of audio editing function can more efficiently complete sound processing and beautification through professional noise processing, and reduce the noise interference during live broadcasting. It can be widely used in some interactive live broadcasting, online conference, online education and other fields.

Game social domain

The popular game werewolf killing is a professional voice game, as well as the social needs in the game and communication with teammates, which are the strong needs of users for voice editing and processing. Like today’s video beauty, how to beautify users’ voice will be favored by game consumers. The sound change feature of audio editing function can provide different sound changes for app users in these game fields, meet the needs of different users, and improve users’ game fun and interactive experience.

The audio editing function has rich audio effect characteristics, including sound field, music style and equalizer. It supports adding special effects to audio. Developers can also add multiple audio special effects. The audio editing function also has advanced audio streaming characteristics, including dual microphone noise reduction and sound change functions. Dual microphone noise reduction can deal with some common steady-state noise or burst noise in dual microphone input audio, repair and enhance human voice, and improve the quality of speech signal; The sound changing feature supports a variety of effects such as monsters and uncles to enhance the fun of users.

In the future, the audio editing function will also open more features and continue to be optimized to meet the needs of developers in more fields such as music creation, online education and conferences, and create a basic audio editing tool handy for developers.

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