ADB tool installation and mobile phone debugging; using Android ADB tool to deal with touch screen damage of mobile phone


The touch screen of a mobile phone was broken before, so I need to use the mobile phone to do some operation recently;

Android Developer website:

Introduction to ADB debugging tools: ADB tool introduction and tutorial;

Download the ADB tool:

Because, we are not doing Android development; we can download Android debugging bridge here;

Next, we will use Android debugging tools to operate smart phones; Android has made the SDK management software, we just want to debug, so we can download debugging tools directly;

Then, CWM (clockworkmod) recovery is used to achieve complete control

When I tried, I found that the p7 mobile phone has the BL unlock code limit, and the unlock code can no longer be applied for; therefore, the mobile phone should not be used;

The other method is not to use the mouse line;

In the future, there should be very few mobile phone root talents. If the mobile phone is broken, just sell a new one, and then synchronize the data;

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