Adaoracle smart contract, secure data transmission


Adam is the reward token of Adam Oracle to participants. It is the value core of the ecosystem. Its value comes from the value contribution of ecological members. Node members (i.e. data providers) can obtain Adam by providing correct data for the data demander.

Adam Oracle motivates the data provider by paying token Adam, that is, the provider who continuously provides effective data will continue to receive Adam’s reward. At the same time, data users will need to pay a certain amount of Adam, so as to form a virtuous circle, which means that the more Adam Oracle is used, the higher the value of Adam is.

The operation steps of adaoracle system are as follows:
1. The user sends a data request to Adam Oracle through the smart contract, with corresponding data demand parameters (on the chain);
2. The network composed of adaoracle nodes obtains relevant information by subscribing to the log of adaoracle contract;
3. User requirements for disassembly of adaoracle core (off chain); The disassembled task is completed by different nodes through external API data sources to obtain data and return;
4. The adaoracle core returns the data to the adaoracle smart contract on the chain again; The contract on the adameral chain integrates data, records the reputation of each node providing data according to the final result, and finally sends the result to the user’s smart contract to complete the whole process.