Adamsorcle is firmly following the steady pace of mature projects


Adamorcorporation has always been firmly deployed in accordance with the steady pace of mature projects. Technology development, investment cooperation, market development, ecological construction and other steps are taken together, and its core values can be seen in the development process.

Under the framework of wide area nodes, adamoroc has distributed data sources and a large number of diversified server nodes, which can accommodate thousands of nodes for price feeding services. The more nodes, the higher the cost of nodes colluding in evil or attacking the Oracle system. It has effectively built a safer and scalable Oracle quotation system, realizing more decentralization, security and accuracy Industry vision of real-time price feeding.

The highly creative technical advantages have made Adamo Oracle stand out from the crowd of prophecies. More and more partners pay attention to and affirm the long-term value of Adamo Oracle, which has won the support of polygon, gene network, collistar, chain capital, consus lab, BTX capital, ZB labs, chainup capital, 7o’clock capital, red chain capital and other institutions.

Driven by both technology and resources, it has accelerated the development of global market of adamsorcle and successively opened markets such as Dubai, China, the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia. With the progress of market activities, it has laid a solid user foundation and brought more cooperation opportunities for adamsorcle. It has successively explored decentralized derivatives with kine and matrixetf ETF and other fields.

In terms of ecological construction, as a decentralized oracle that supports multi chain operation, in addition to BSC, adaoracle will continue to deploy in public chains such as polygon, ETH, Polkadot, okexchain, heco and Solana. With the cultivation of public chain ecology, adaoracle will help more projects complete accurate pricing and build a safe bridge for underlying data circulation and use.