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From September 20 to 22, the game oasis Hackathon jointly held by contentos, binance labs, celer network and Cocos BCX was successfully concluded. More than 50 excellent developers from all over the country, after three days of fierce competition, have finally completed one by one blockchain games with both playability and heterogeneity of game assets, which provides the possibility for large-scale production and promotion of blockchain games.

The fast game team based on the contentos public chain development, with the integration of cross chain trading technology ranch harvest game farmo got the third good result. Farmo combines the popular food collection game with the blockchain elements such as cross chain and irreplaceable token, so that all inputs and outputs are recorded on the chain and depend on the contract; the unique cross chain trading technology allows players to freely choose and trade among the three chains.

Activity | the chain Tour

(the picture shows fast team’s farmo game)

The hacking contest adopts the mode of “Online + offline”, which is divided into three rounds. In the competition, teams need to develop a blockchain game application on contentos or other public chains according to the specified theme “interworking”. The event in Shanghai is the third round of the competition. The teams compete on the spot, and the top three are rewarded with 30000, 20000 and 10000 RMB respectively.

Activity | the chain Tour
(the picture shows the first prize winning team – Dawn)

In the end, dawn, Babel labs, fast and blockwords won the top three places respectively.

On the opening day of the competition, Bryan Wu, partner of contentos, showed the features and unique advantages of contentos public chain to the participants, and introduced how to develop DAPP on contentos.

Activity | the chain Tour
(the figure shows Bryan Wu, partner of contentos, introducing the features of contentos public chain)

Contentos takes the construction of decentralized content ecology as its duty, and designs decentralized distribution system, transaction system, reputation system and other functions for content creators and users. As an important creative content, digital games can benefit from the huge user groups and ecosystem of contentos.

The high-performance, stability and rich development components of contentos also provide great convenience for developers, and are welcomed by the field teams. Based on steem + IPFs + cross chain, contentos public chain provides developers with excellent features such as high TPS and second level confirmation. It also supports the development of smart contracts with C + + by using wasm, which is easy to develop.

These excellent features are based on the sabft (adaptive Byzantine fault tolerance) consensus mechanism created by contentos. It uses dpos to generate blocks, uses BFT to confirm blocks, and adjusts the frequency of BFT process according to the load of blockchain and network traffic. One of the characteristics of sabft is to decouple the block generation and BFT verification process, and the two processes are carried out independently. The new block generation does not need to wait for the verification of the generated block to be completed, which greatly improves the efficiency of block generation and verification.

Another feature is that it is not necessary to reach a consensus on each block under abnormal conditions, but it can delay block confirmation and conduct quick confirmation in subsequent rounds. The innovation of consensus mechanism brings about the excellent throughput of test network 5000 + TPS, which has been proved in practice that its public chain can support large-scale application.

Contentos is also very friendly for developers and users. Its smart contract runs on the wasm virtual machine, and can support general programming languages such as C + +. Developers can develop on the blockchain without learning a new language. As a new generation of virtual machine, wasm is adopted by many public chains, including EOS, Ethereum 2.0, and represents the future development direction of the industry. Contents provides developers with detailed development documents and contract development templates. With the help of online IDE, developers can easily develop and compile contracts, and interact with smart contracts through wallet, website interface, SDK and other ways.

In order to reduce the user threshold, contentos provides a certain amount of free use points for each user. Users only need to create a new account to use the services of contentos and its various applications for free. If the usage exceeds the free range, cos can be mortgaged to obtain points. Users’ free points are refreshed every 24 hours. There is no complex resource classification in the design of contentos, which is easy to operate, low cost and more user-friendly.

It is worth mentioning that contentos has cooperated with content applications such as photogrid, liveme,, etc. to integrate these applications into the ecosystem of contentos, with more than 60 million active users in the global ecosystem. This is undoubtedly a valuable resource for DAPP industry, which lacks user base. Content application can effectively promote the application on the chain and spread the influence of the application beyond the blockchain enthusiasts.

Using this form, contentos has successfully promoted products in the industry such as harmony puzzle and mixmarvel hypersnakes, which are highly recognized by executives of harmony and mixmarvel.

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( helps harmony puzzle get mass users)

Although the project started in the bear market in 2018, contentos is still favored by well-known investment institutions such as Jingwei China, IDG, Weiguang venture capital, binance labs, etc., and has established strategic partnership with cheetah mobile, which has launched many fruitful cooperation in the application level.

In this competition, fast and krypton chose to design the game based on contentos.

The farmo game developed by fast team has simple rules and high playability. The player can use the public chain token to plant crops for the initial input. When planting each crop, the player will get a hoe to harvest any crop. When the crop is mature, it can be harvested, and the harvester will obtain the public chain token of input and the irreplaceable token (NFT) representing the crop. But mature crops also have a certain probability of withering, encouraging players to log in as soon as possible at the right time to harvest crops.

In addition to “planting vegetables” and “collecting vegetables”, the team has also developed wallets that support cross chain capabilities. Players can harvest across chains to promote the flow between different chains. The design of the game integrates the theory of game theory. The players in each chain have the power of cross chain interaction because of the different properties of different chains. The interaction, social interaction and transaction between players in different chains fit the “intercommunication” theme set up by the competition.

Six members of the team are senior practitioners in the game, blockchain and financial industries. The team has invested millions of dollars in professional organizations such as JRR crypto, and has developed a number of successful online products.

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(team krypton is presenting the achievements of battle of consensus)

Another team connected to contentos, krypton’s 6-person small team, designed and implemented a multiplayer online strategy competitive game – Battle of consensus from scratch. The game is stable and playable, and successfully docked the public chains such as contentos.

Players play a project and compete with other players for the most consensus points in a limited space. The first 10 points will win the prize. There are many strategies in each game. Players can choose to follow different development routes such as construction route, garrison route and strategy card route, and compete and trade with other players. The game integrates luck, strategy, interaction and other dimensions.

The main network of contentos will go online on Wednesday (9 / 25). At present, more than 20 institutions, such as mixmarvel, conflux Hangzhou technology operation center, celer, matic, harmony and Elrond, have joined in the main network node to participate in the election.

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