Accelerate the implementation of cloud native applications, and Yanrong yrcloudfile has completed the compatibility certification with Tianyi cloud


During the 14th Five Year Plan period, China put scientific and technological innovation in a more prominent position and took scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement as the strategic support for national development. In order to promote the rapid development of scientific and technological innovation and speed up the process of product integration. Recently, Yanrong technology and Tianyi cloud technology completed the product compatibility certification. This test is conducted by Yanrong yrcloudfile distributed storage system and Tianyi cloud for adaptation authentication. The results show that yrcloudfile can run stably based on Tianyi cloud, the system function runs stably, the product experience is good, and meets the user’s function, performance and reliability requirements.

Accelerate the implementation of cloud native applications, and Yanrong yrcloudfile has completed the compatibility certification with Tianyi cloud

It is understood that Tianyi cloud, as a professional company directly under China Telecom, is an IDC service provider integrating marketing, operation services and product R & D. its service customers involve 500000 party, government and military as well as large and medium-sized enterprise customers in various industries, and has an extraordinary influence in the field of cloud computing.

The successful completion of the product compatibility certification, on the one hand, fully proves that Yanrong yrcloudfile has the characteristics of high performance, high stability, high flexibility and high compatibility; On the other hand, the two sides work together to build an ecosystem with full stack storage as the core and accelerate the landing process of cloud native applications.

As a product focusing on distributed file storage for a long time, Yanrong yrcloudfile applies its experience in the storage field to the products. While providing high-performance and highly available file access interfaces, it supports mainstream container orchestration frameworks such as kubernetes and provides high-performance container persistent storage. In addition, yrcloudfile has the following features:

  • Extreme high-performance access: Yanrong technology ranks sixth in the world in terms of 10 node performance test data in the global io500 high-performance storage test. Outstanding high-performance advantages help customers in artificial intelligence, automated driving and other fields easily deal with performance challenges in the training process.
  • Massive file support: fully symmetrical and scalable metadata cluster architecture. When facing billions of files, the client’s operation performance and read-write performance of metadata remain stable.
  • Container persistent storage: in the container environment, yrcloudfile can seamlessly connect with the container cloud platform. Provide CSI plug-in, which is non-invasive to kubernetes and upper application containers. Support PV quota setting, dynamic capacity expansion, QoS, real-time monitoring, hotspot detection, hot and cold data analysis, PV intelligent scheduler and other functions. The IO model for MySQL and other applications has been targeted optimized to effectively support the efficient and stable operation of persistent applications in the container environment.
  • Hot and cold data layering: the intelligent layering function of yrcloudfile file file storage system can define hot and cold data layers according to customer requirements. Through intelligent layering, the hot data layer can still provide high-performance access characteristics for emerging services such as artificial intelligence, and the cold data can be effectively saved in the user’s existing low-cost object storage.

In addition to providing users with reliable technical services, Yanrong technology also has adaptive soft power and deployment hard power. In terms of soft power, Yanrong technology has extensive ecological adaptation capability and business adaptation optimization capability. In terms of hard power, Yanrong technology has built a closed-loop service of data storage based on its core products yrcloudfile and Yanrong Yunzhou. From public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud to container storage, Yanrong technology can provide enterprises with services and solutions for the whole life cycle of data storage.

For Yanrong technology, building an open and joint technology ecology has been the focus of attention in recent years. The product adaptation with Tianyi cloud has largely promoted the rapid development and collaborative improvement of Yanrong technology data storage ecology. So far, Yanrong technology has won the exclusive bid for China Mobile cloud high-performance parallel file storage project and Tianyi cloud compatibility certification, and achieved cooperation with the two operators, which also fully proves that Yanrong technology’s security and service capability are second to none in China.

In the future, Yanrong technology will continue to actively cooperate with more partners, carry out cooperation in more aspects and levels, expand the product compatibility ecosystem, accelerate the application of products, and expand and strengthen the field of data storage.

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