About using offsettop in DOM to obtain the position of the current element from the browser window


Offsettop is the distance from the outer border of the child element to the inner border of the parent element
Directly relative to the body value, you need to look up layer by layer
What is helpful to you in the following code is the code in while, and the outer layer is some records for yourself

var table = $('.tableTemplate')
      var top = 0
      for (var i = 0; i < table.length; i++) {
        if (table[i].offsetTop !== 0) {
          console.log('table.parentNode', table[i].parentNode)
          let par = table[i].offsetParent
          top = table[i].offsetTop
          console.log('1', table[i].offsetTop)
          While (PAR) {// loop to get the height between the current object and the body
            console.log('table.parentNode', par, par.offsetTop)
            top += par.offsetTop
            par = par.offsetParent

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