About the fact that upgrading win10 causes the environment variables and the drive letter in the registry to be modified to an asterisk *


The cause of pit father

  • At first, the company’s computer may have some problems when other colleagues install some certificates, resulting in requests for wechat API, downloading Maven package and other requests requiring HTTPS will be reportedPKIX path building failedRelated errors, but this is not always reported. It will not be reported after multiple requests. It will be reported later. You can refer to some of the original discussionsHTTPS PKIX path building failed
  • I can’t help it. It takes too much time. I want to reinstall the system, but I just found outwin10You can upgrade to a new version, so upgrade first and use it directlyMicrosoft Yishengfrom1909Up to20H2, and then tested the HTTPS interface. Great, normal, no more problems, but then the tragedy came, requestjava -versionWhen an error is found, open the environment variable and allD:\java...It’s all turned into*:\java...And not justjavaNo, as long as the path correlation installed in the D disk becomes an asterisk, there is no way but to modify all environment variables in batch.
  • But after modification, it doesn’t work at all. A search on the Internet also needs to modify the registry. I exported the whole registry and searched the next keywords in batches*:\, there are more than 10000 entries, which are a little confused. They are modified in batch (search and modify by keyword, because some*:\It doesn’t have to be replaced withD:\)Then, when importing the registry, you will be prompted that you do not have permission… Um…


  • Related software
    • Registry Finder, you can find and replace the registry. You don’t need to replace it in the text, but you will still be prompted that you don’t have permission.
    • PsExec, you cansystemPermission to open relevant software, so you can have permission.
  • Related operations
    • adoptPsExecTo openRegistry Finder, open as Administratorcmd, switch toPsExecUnzip the directory and run the commandPsexec.exe - I - D - s registry finder application full path, it opens like thisregistry finderYou have permission to modify the registry.
    • Registry FinderI won’t elaborate on the operation of. Right click the root directory to search for keywords, such as*:\Program, search it out in the navigation barEditMedium selectionReplace in Find Results, find input for*:\Program, replaced inputD:\ProgramThen it will be replaced.