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PHP code detection toolCodeSniffer

  • Installing using composercomposer require squizlabs/php_codesniffer

  • Git pull Download https://github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeSniffer.git

  • There are two main files:

|-- squizlabs
    |-- php_codesniffer
        |-- bin
            |--Phpcbf // code correction script
            |-- phpcbf.bat
            |--Phpcs // code detection script
            |-- phpcs.bat
  • View parameters of running detection file./bin/phpcs -h | --help

  • For the parameters of running code repair script, see./bin/phpcbf -h | --help

  • View version information./bin/phpcs --version

  • For example, detecting a file can be run directly./bin/phpcs ./testCheck the test directory under the current directory. You can also check a file and change the directory to a specific file name

  • Set encoding format at run time./bin/phpcs --encoding=utf-8

  • Test results are not printedwarninginformation./bin/phpcs -n ./test

  • Dynamic display of detection progress./bin/phpcs -p ./test

  • Print error and warning information. The default configuration does not need to be modified./bin/phpcs -w ./test

  • parameter-lNo recursive check, only check the current directory./bin/phpcs -l ./test

  • parameter-sShow the specific problems of each file in detail./bin/phpcs -s ./test

  • parameter-aInteractive operation generally has three options: re detection, skip and exit./bin/phpcs -a ./test

  • parameter-iDisplays the installed coding standards./bin/phpcs -i ./test

The installed coding standards are MySource, PEAR, PSR1, PSR12, PSR2, Squiz and Zend

  • parameter--colorsSets the color of the output

  • parameter--no-colorsDo not set the output color, default configuration

  • parameter--cacheCache output results

  • parameter--no-cacheDo not cache output results, default configuration

  • parameter--ignore-annotationsIgnore code comments

  • parameter--report=summaryDisplays only a summary report of the number of errors and warnings per file

  • parameter--report=souurcePrint source report

  • parameter--report=infoPrint detail report

  • parameter--report=ocdePrint code report

  • more--reportparameterCheckstyle,csv, Emacs, git, json, JUnit, svn, xml

  • Write test results to file--report-full=Followed by the file path

  • parameter--standardSet the encoding standard used when detecting files./bin/phpcs --standard=psr2 ./test

  • parameter-eAnd parameters--standard=psr2Used together, you can print out the current file and check the standard bricks that need to be done

  • parameter--extensionsCheck only files with currently listed file suffixes./bin/phpcs --extensions=php --standard=psr2 ./test

  • parameter--severityDisplays the level of the printed message. The default is 5./bin/phpcs --severity=2 ./test

  • parameter--config-setModify configuration options

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