About Perl (Introduction to Perl official website)


About Perl (Introduction to Perl official website)

Strong, stable, mature and portable

Perl5 is a 26 year old, powerful and performance richprograming language。 Perl can run on more than 100 platforms, from portable devices to mainframe computers. At the same time, she is also suitable for prototype design and large-scale development projects.

If Perl is compared to the family of development languages, Perl 6 is a member of this family, but at the same time, Perl 6 is an independent language with its own independent development team. Her presence has little impact on the continued development of Perl 5.

White paper: technology presentation


Perl 5 technology white paper for your free use

  • Perl database ORM – Make the database query easier and the code cleaner
  • Perl web framework – Be able to create websites that meet the needs of the company.
  • Object oriented Perl – When needed, she can provide powerful grammar debugging function.
  • Perl profiling – Code analysis tools with rich performance can speed up coding.
  • Perl testing – It can provide high-performance code for automated testing.
  • Perl load balancer – Reverse proxy balancing and load balancing and web server.
  • Perl Plack/PSGI – Simple and flexible web development.
  • Perl IPv6 – Perl and IPv6 networks.
  • CPAN – For developers, complete and mature development environment and modules.


Perl 5 features


Key tasks

Used as mission critical projects in the public and private sectors.

Object oriented, program and function

Support object-oriented program and function programming.

Easy to expand

A total of more than 25000 open source modules are available from cpan.

text processing

Perl includes powerful tools for processing text, which makes it an ideal tool for processing HTML, XML and other construction languages.

Unicode support

Perl has been supported since Perl 5.14  Unicode version 6.

Database integration

Perl’s database integration interface(DBIAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website))Support third-party databases, including Oracle, Sybase, mysql, and other databases.

C / C + + library interface

Perl interface can be connected to external C / C + + libraries through XS or swig.


Perl interpreters can be embedded in other systems, such as web servers and database servers.


Perl is open source software, inArtistic LicenseAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website), orGNU General Public License (GPL)About Perl (Introduction to Perl official website)Get permission, certification.


Perl 5 and Web


Ideal web programming language

Perl is an ideal programming language, thanks to its strong text processing ability and fast development cycle.

Web Framework

Many web frameworks are developed in Perl. The most famous ones are:CatalystAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website).

Database integration

Perl  DBIAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website)  Packages make web database integration relatively easy.DBIx::ClassAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website) – This class is the object mapper.

Web module

CPANAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website)  It provides thousands of modules, so it makes most of the tasks you want to accomplish simple, from URL or image processing to Amazon EC2 application interface, and more.


Perl has long been regarded as the “Internet”, and many large web sites are written by Perl alone.

Encryption function

Perl can process encrypted web data, including e-commerce processing.

Embedded in Apache

Perl can be embedded into the web server, which can improve the processing speed by 20 times.mod_perlAbout Perl (Introduction to Perl official website)  An interpreter that enables the Apache Web server to embed Perl.

Original address:http://www.perl.org/about.html

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