About interpersonal relationships


Not long ago, a classmate told me that his interpersonal relationship was very poor since he was a child. Few people in school played well. Usually he was alone. He had long recognized that this situation was bad, but he was also used to it.


But now that I have graduated, I am about to work in the unit, so I am particularly anxious and afraid of having a bad relationship with my colleagues at work. After all, the unit is different from the school.


It doesn’t matter that the interpersonal relationship in the school is a little poor. After all, each school has its own, so it can do without interference with each other. But in the unit, people need to cooperate closely, and it is difficult to get a foothold without interpersonal relationships, so I want to ask how to improve interpersonal relationships with people.


This classmate’s anxiety is not unreasonable. Society and the unit are places that need to deal with people extremely. In order to get along well, in addition to having real skills, you really need good interpersonal skills.


So how to improve interpersonal relationships?


In fact, in my opinion, interpersonal relationship is not a whole, it can be divided into communicative ability and interpersonal ability.


Communication ability is the ability to solve how to quickly get familiar with others from strangers to friends.


The ability to get along with others is the ability to maintain a good relationship with others for a long time.


Both are crucial. Without interpersonal skills, many people will never be familiar with you, nor will they be close friends or partners.


Without the ability to get along, your relationship with many people will be inverted V-shaped. At first, it turned better, and gradually became lighter, and even at last, they hated each other, not as good as strangers.


Many people have bad interpersonal relationships for different reasons, some because of poor communication skills, and some because of poor interpersonal skills.


Just like a single dog who can’t make a girlfriend, and a single dog who can’t keep a girlfriend when making a girlfriend, the two are fundamentally different, and their ability to change is also different.


But judging from the above students’ description, it is obvious that his communicative ability is also very poor.


So, how to improve your communicative competence?


1. Make good use of address.


In addition to the name, there are many appellations that can be used between people, such as brother, sister, classmate, fellow townsman… And so on.


A person’s name is just a simple name, but the address conveys emotion, respect and politeness, which makes people listen kindly.


For example: brother Zhang, brother li… This shout makes people feel like they are brothers, who can play together and have social temperament. (people should have social temperament in society)


Therefore, if you want to get closer to others and get the other party’s favor, it is undoubtedly the simplest and most effective way to make good use of the address.


We often say that a person’s mouth is sweet. In fact, most of the time, they are satisfied with each other’s address.


How kind!



2. Make good use of psychological feelings.


I shared a routine with you in the article before, giving gifts to others,I would rather send high-end goods with lower prices than low-end goods with high prices.


For example, give 1000 yuan clothes and 1000 yuan mobile phones.


Which is more generous?


At the same cost, the former feels more sincere.


Communication is also true,Being honest with others may not make people satisfied. With a little wrist, mutual friendship heats up instead.


Sometimes, the uncle next door to my rental house asks me to repair his computer. Some problems are not complicated for people who understand, and they can be solved in three or two times, but I also have to act very seriously to help him detect, which is very cumbersome to help him repair.


Why? Because I didn’t know him well at the beginning, I helped him out in two seconds. He didn’t feel my help at all. He just thought it was easy, so he wouldn’t take it too seriously and couldn’t get closer.


Only by working hard, can he feel your dedication and feel that the young man is very enthusiastic, and he will be more grateful to you.


Am I doing this because I have a black stomach?


In fact, it’s not. I didn’t mean anything evil, and I didn’t want his money. But you know, I can handle it, and I’m not born to do it. I also put a lot of energy behind it and need a lot of knowledge accumulation.


In order to understand these problems, I also watched many videos and spent a lot of time learning the experience.


I just let these reflect its due value.


Shouldn’t I use it to exchange for a little more favor from others?


Indeed, many things are really a piece of cake for professional people. It’s because people have reached the level there. But what laymen don’t know is how much effort they have made to become a major.


If you think it’s easy for others, they should help you regardless. This is disrespect for the profession and the efforts behind them.


3. Good at manufacturingSpecial day


The relationship between people can’t be improved without eating, drinking and having fun together.


For example, colleagues in a group, who went hiking and had dinner together, must have a better relationship with each other than before.


But there must be a reason to eat, drink and have fun. It is abrupt and deliberate to mention it for no reason.


So we should be good at finding a reason to make some ordinary days special and meaningful. For example, tomorrow is a rare rest day for our group to fight for a month in a row. It’s not easy. Let’s go to dinner tonight?


It would be abrupt to mention the dinner party alone, but with the above reasons, everything seems natural.


Only on some special days can people relax, be invited and open their hearts more easily.


So we should be good at using such days to organize people, enhance communication opportunities, expand our communication, or take the opportunity to get closer to the people we like.


4. Be good at shaping your own personal design.


In social intercourse, whether others are willing to associate with you, and what kind of person you are is also particularly important.


What kind of friends do you like to make? Of course, they are forthright, open and responsible people.


People who are stuffy and stingy have to be careful when dealing with them, and their mood will not be very relaxed. Of course, it is not easy to become friends.


So we need to shape our own personal design to make people feel that you are a good person and very attractive, so that we can continue to interact with you.


Otherwise, even if you have a heart, others will keep a distance from you.


5. Be good at saying good words to others.


I hope others can give you good words in front of important peopleThis is almost everyone’s rigid need. Everyone needs a person to speak well for themselves. Even many people will take the initiative to ask their friends to help them speak well in front of important people.


For example, when I fell in love with a girl, how I longed for her best friend to help me say a few good words.


I have made contributions. How I hope my colleagues can speak in front of the leaders and let them know.


So we also needLearn to speak well for others.


If you say something nice to others, they will appreciate you from the bottom of their hearts, but it’s just a matter of a few words for you. Why not?

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