About idea git only commit without push


Recently, I found a problem about the operation of idea~

Let’s see what’s going on.

We all know that using git distributed version control tool, there will be a local temporary storage area, that is, a local warehouse for lifting and pulling code.

This means that our commit is submitted to our local warehouse, and push will be pushed to the remote branch. Then my idea shortcut should have at least the three shortcut buttons in the figure below


But my colleague’s newly installed idea only has update, and commit, as shown in the figure below: point_ down:

How to set the push icon or not?

File – > Settings – > menus and toolbars – > find the navigation bar toolbar drop-down box – > select vcsnavbartoobaractions, and then click above: heavy_ plus_ Sign: add to toolbar

add to!

Add complete!

In this way, you can quickly operate git, convenient pull, submit, push and other operations~

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