A very common MySQL interview question, can you see at a glance which statement is the most efficient?


There are two tablesuserUser tables 10 million data andthreadPost table 50 million data, write oneSQLStatement to query the top ten most posted user names and posts.


uid username password create_at
Primary key testnamne testpass time


tid uid title contents create_at
Primary key General index title content time


SELECT username,count(*) tc FROM `user` LEFT JOIN thread ON `user`.uid = thread.uid GROUP BY  thread.uid ORDER BY  tc DESC limit 0,10 ; 

SQL2 :

SELECT username,tc FROM `user` INNER JOIN  (SELECT uid,count(*) tc FROM thread GROUP BY uid ORDER BY tc DESC limit 0,10 ) AS td ON `user`.uid = td.uid ; 

SQL3 :

SELECT username, tc FROM `user` LEFT JOIN  (SELECT uid, count(*) tc FROM thread GROUP BY uid ORDER BY tc DESC limit 0,10 ) AS td ON `user`.uid = td.uid limit 0,10 ; 

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Gao Yongli

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