A user centered VIM package management software: vimapt


Chinese readme:https://github.com/howl-ander…


Vimapt is a software package manager / software package management software of vim, in which “vimapt” is the abbreviation of “vim’s advantage package tools”


  1. Web based software package warehouse

  2. “One software package, one configuration file” makes VIM’s software package easier to manage, share configuration and backup

  3. A full range of support tools from software packaging to software installation make it very easy for users to use vimapt

Get vimapt

You cangithub / bitbucketDownload from


Vimpat provides scripts for automatic installation:

curl -sLf http://www.vimapt.org/install.sh | bash

For Windows users, please followManual installationChapter for installation

Manual installation

See official readme:https://github.com/howl-ander…


After installing vimapt, the installation will be used herenerd-treeAs a case, it shows the general process of using vimapt

  1. Update your vimapt warehouse

    Use `: vimapt update`, vimapt will automatically update to the latest software list
  2. installnerd-tree

    Use 'vimapt install nerd tree' and vimapt will automatically install the software for you Tip: you can use automatic completion to speed up your input
  3. Restart VIM

    Before VIM restarts, the plug-in does not work (at least not in the current version), so you need to restart vim
  4. usenerd-tree

    Now that 'nerd tree' has been installed, you can start using it. By pressing 'ctrl-d' in normal mode, you can see that the 'nerd tree' file tree appears on the left, and pressing 'ctrl-d' again disappears
  5. removenerd-tree

    When you no longer need 'nerd tree', you can use 'vimapt remove nerd tree' to remove this package
    After removal, you can use the key 'ctrl-d' to determine whether it still works If everything is normal, this button should not work


vimapt update

In the VIM terminal, enter:VimApt updateAnd press enter

Vimapt will connect to the official warehouse and update the local software list

vimapt repolist

In the VIM terminal, enter:VimApt repolistAnd press enter

Vimapt will display a list of software you can install

vimapt install

In the VIM terminal, enter:VimApt install xxxAnd press enter

If everything is normal, you will be prompted soonxxxThe software package was successfully installed

Note: this process requires your computer to be networked andxxxPacked in warehouse

vimapt remove

In the VIM terminal, enter:VimApt remove xxxAnd press enter

Vimapt willxxxRemove from your system


Vimapt supports automatic completion very well You can complete the command and the name of the software package
Note that VIM uses tab as the trigger key for automatic completion

Automatic completion command

In the VIM terminal, enter:VimApt Note that the last input character is a space
Now you press tab / tab to complete it automatically Just like automatic completion in shell You will take turns to see possible orders

Partial command completion is also supported For example, you want to enter a command:VimApt install,
In the VIM terminal, enter:VimApt instNow you press tab / tab to complete it automatically
Vimapt will automatically complete the command to:VimApt install.

Auto complete package name

Almost all vimapt commands support completion For example, you want to remove a package named’example-package’,
When you enter:VimApt remove example-, and then press tab / tab. If there is only one package installed in vimapt, the package name starts withexample-,
Vimapt will automatically complete the command:VimApt remove example-package,
If there are multiple packages, the beginning isexample-Vimapt will automatically cycle through these names

Screenshot of vimapt installation software

A user centered VIM package management software: vimapt

Installing VIM package is as simple and convenient as using apt of Debian operating system!