A tool for batch code conversion and ASP / JS encryption / decryption / simple conversion


See here for details
File encoding conversion / screnc encryption / conversion 1.0
Note for use:
1. Please back up before use, and bear the loss caused by using this software
2. Before code conversion, please confirm that the source codes of all files are consistent and selected correctly, otherwise errors may occur.  
3. Before encryption or decryption of ASP code or simple conversion, it is necessary to confirm that the file code is ANSI, otherwise garbled code may appear
After the operation is completed, the original code can be transferred back.  
4. ASP encryption is equivalent to calling Microsoft’s:
If included: <% @ language = “VBScript” codepage = “936”% >
screnc.exe /s /f /xl /e asp *.* 
screnc.exe /s /f /xl /e htm *.* 
screnc.exe /s /f /e asp *.* 
screnc.exe /s /f /e htm *.* 
Encrypt external *. JS or *. VBS Please add
< script language = “script language” > code < / script > and delete it after completion.  
5. ASP decryption is changed by itself. The original is JScript, changed to VBScript one day later, ha ha
6. If the original file contains both encrypted and unencrypted code (rarely ~ ~)
Please run decryption first and then encrypt again.  
7. Coding.txt is a list of system file codes. If you find that there is no code you want, you can add a line manually
8. Using this software will not add any personal information in the code, to ensure the original.  
9. Thank you for your use. Please email me if you have any questions.  
10. This software can also help you save the files under multiple folders to the same directory
11. Some systems may have VB6 or VB runtime or Windows Script encoder installed
Other instructions:
1. Textbox does not support binary content?  
2. This software does not allow to encrypt twice, which will make the decryption error, even if the decryption operation is performed twice
It may be the problem of decrypting the code (some unknown characters will appear after the first decryption)
It is also possible that some unknown characters will appear in encryption many times, which makes the decryption operation fail. If you are interested in completing the errors mentioned in the other instructions above
And the code conversion part can be made into automatic identification code and free choice whether to add / delete BOM file header
Please leave your email address and your website address. I will send you the source code. Automatic identification code
There is already a function (module1. Bas \ filecodingcheck()) in the source code
However, it is not very accurate after testing, especially for documents without BOM header.  
Public Function FileCodingCheck(ByVal FilePath As String) 
Dim SmObj As New ADODB.Stream 
Dim SmRead1 As Integer, SmRead2 As Integer, SmRead3 As Integer 
SmObj.Type = 1 
SmObj.LoadFromFile FilePath 
SmObj.Position = 0 
If LenB(SmObj.Read) >= 1 Then 
SmObj.Position = 0 
SmRead1 = AscB(SmObj.Read(1)) 
End If 
SmObj.Position = 0 
If LenB(SmObj.Read) >= 2 Then 
SmObj.Position = 1 
SmRead2 = AscB(SmObj.Read(1)) 
End If 
SmObj.Position = 0 
If LenB(SmObj.Read) >= 3 Then 
SmObj.Position = 2 
SmRead3 = AscB(SmObj.Read(1)) 
End If 
If SmRead1 = &HFF And SmRead2 = &HFE Then 
FileCodingCheck = “Unicode” 
ElseIf SmRead1 = &HFE And SmRead2 = &HFF Then 
FileCodingCheck = “Unicode big endian” 
ElseIf SmRead1 = &HEF And SmRead2 = &HBB And SmRead3 = &HBF Then 
FileCodingCheck = “UTF-8” 
FileCodingCheck = “ANSI” 
End If 
Set SmObj = Nothing 
End Function 

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